Webcheck Security: Securing Business Networks with Ease

Greg Johnson


"People ask what our differentiator is." It’s this: we genuinely care about the success of our customers.”

Many qualified testers can do a scan, but only a handful are efficient and can resist threats. Webcheck Security is the answer, with world-class penetration testing and cyber services that have spent years breaking into and professionally documenting online application vulnerabilities. Webcheck Security's key offerings include incident response, cyber maturity assessment, fractional information security officer (FISO) services, managed threat hunting, PCI scanning and help, CMMC, risk, and compliance. They stand out from other pen test experiences because of the thorough exploration and finding of targets, as well as the purposeful use of tools, prospective hacker tactics, meticulous documentation, and professional advice. Webcheck Security offers post-test counseling as well as up to two remedial examinations. Webcheck Security brings CX and Cyber Services together to address an ever-increasing need.

Webcheck Security sounded new and appropriate because they're all about cyber risk reduction and, of course, they conduct a lot of "checking" of websites and online apps. Organizations who require hands-on cyber policy, procedure, audit, and other cyber governance activities can also lease their fantastic fractional CISOs. The "Webcheck Way" is how they work. Webcheck Security endeavors to operate in a way that prioritizes its clients and ensures that they have the greatest possible experience. Webcheck Security’s CEO, Greg Johnson, says: "People ask what our differentiator is." It’s this: we genuinely care about the success of our customers. It’s our people. Our mantra as we discuss potential engagement is "it would be an honor to serve you." We serve our customers, not merely throwing the report over the wall and saying "have a nice day." It’s all about how we serve, go the extra mile, and go beyond expectations. "

Webcheck Security collaborate with the clients tirelessly and attentively to get the best possible cyber result. One of Webcheck’s FISOs (Fractional Information Security Officers) was originally hired for 10 hours per month but ended up working for eighty! Governance and compliance in the cyber world are difficult, especially for fintech organizations (as this customer is), and their FISO Ben demonstrated how important this service can be. Another example is a SaaS firm with a unique supply chain solution that kept returning to the well for additional help with policy, project management, and other aspects of cyber governance. Lori from FISO was an invaluable resource for them as they handled compliance and an acquisition.

A firm should test the perimeter, but only skilled penetration testers are aware of the importance of internal testing as well as the methodologies used to conduct it. This is what is known as testing behind the firewall, or authenticated internal network testing. Not only is this a best practice endorsed by the NIST, ISO 27001, PCI, and other standards, but it's also crucial for detecting weaknesses that a hacker could discover once within the perimeter. The average hacker spends around 200 days on a network. Making hacking tough and removing attack routes increases the chances of surviving a hack. This diverts the attackers' attention away from the firm and toward low-hanging fruit. Webcheck engineers provide a variety of alternatives for internal and SSID testing, ranging from simple delivery and installation of specially equipped boxes to downloading a virtual machine from a safe place. Following the engagement, Webcheck will meet with the client to discuss the testing preferences and tailor the testing procedure to the client’s needs.

Annual application testing is also required for mobile app developers. Pen testing a mobile app, on the other hand, necessitates the use of a specially prepared lab. Webcheck Security’s New York lab is specifically prepared for this and can test different platforms. As the app market has developed, developers are migrating to the ease of mobile, and Webcheck can help them make sure their apps are strong! Web application, internal, and mobile testing, as well as classic external testing, are all areas in which Webcheck has specialists. They provide mobile app testing as well as social engineering services such as phishing, call campaigns, and physical testing. Webcheck Security’s specialists can also do cloud security audits and give other strategic cyber advice. In the long term, Webcheck Security intends to expand its services and go the additional mile to provide the best possible client experience.

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