VMware: In a Multi-Cloud World, Innovate Faster!

Raghu Raghuram


“VMware has been at the forefront of the industry's "intrinsic security" discussion for the past two years.”

Security should be integrated rather than tacked on. VMware believes that incorporating security into the infrastructure can significantly simplify and reinforce their clients’ security strategies across any app, cloud, or device. VMware has been at the forefront of the industry’s “intrinsic security” discussion for the past two years. VMware has a wide range of digital solutions that power apps, services, and experiences that help businesses provide excellent customer service and empower their workers. VMware security enables to implement Zero Trust with fewer tools and silos, better context, and security that’s built-in and distributed with control points of users, devices, workloads and networks. As a result businesses can achieve simpler, faster, and smarter security with VMware.

By connecting the four critical Zero Trust control points, security teams can assess the security situation accurately and close security gaps with improved data sharing between Security, IT, Operations and Development teams. This enables them to take faster action with greater efficiency and spend less time on administrivia with fewer security products. Moreover, CSOs can gain authoritative context of the business environment with trustworthy and actionable threat intelligence and assess vulnerabilities, identify gaps in defenses, and quickly adjust controls and policies to thwart attacks.

VMware makes it easier for enterprises to transform into digital businesses that provide better customer experiences and enable workers to perform their best job. App Modernization, Cloud, Networking & Security, and Digital Workspace are all covered by VMware’s technologies. It might be challenging to choose the best application modernization approach. Breaking up an existing monolith into loosely linked microservices is sometimes the solution. Sometimes, containerizing an application and deploying it on a platform like VMware’s Kubernetes may provide instant benefits.

VMware can assist in navigating the trip, enhancing the developer experience, and establishing repeatable, secure, and efficient procedures. A secure software supply chain, well-managed infrastructure, and a mechanism to automate the phases between development and production are all required to release high-quality code to show quicker and more often. Get the tools to adopt a DevSecOps approach and automate security at the container, microservice, and platform levels while keeping engineers productive. A company may thus concentrate on developing lucrative applications rather than maintaining increasingly complicated systems. Redefine IT’s foundation to power any cloud-based application with VMware. It’s simple to migrate to the cloud without recoding apps, update infrastructure, and operate uniformly across the data center, the edge, and any cloud using VMware Multi-Cloud solutions. Migrate workloads 40 percent quicker using VMware by keeping the infrastructure constant across all clouds. To flexibly deploy any application anywhere, use the power of leading hyper-scale clouds across more than 4,000 locations worldwide. VMware can modernize apps and expedite new software development by leveraging built-in Kubernetes and the innovative services of public cloud providers. To decrease risk and expenses without slowing down a company’s speed, gain control over numerous clouds and application architectures.

VMware Cross-Cloud services will provide three significant benefits to clients as they traverse the multi-cloud era: a faster path to the cloud, cost-effectiveness, flexibility, and control across any cloud. VMware Cross-Cloud Services extends VMware’s product portfolio’s capabilities for a multi-cloud world, allowing clients to pick and select the services they need on the cloud of their choice to meet changing business demands. “Multi-cloud is the digital business model for the next 20 years, as entire industries reinvent themselves,” says Raghu Raghuram, chief executive officer, VMware. “It’s no longer about a ‘cloud first’ approach—it’s about being ‘cloud smart.’  Organizations should have the freedom to choose the’ right’ cloud based on their strategic business goals. With our cloud-agnostic approach, we are uniquely positioned to meet our customers and take them where they want to go. We give every organization the power to accelerate their innovation and control their destiny in the multi-cloud era.”

VMware thinks that providing solutions and ideas that allow a sustainable digital infrastructure for their clients can speed the worldwide transition to a zero-carbon economy. Sustainability innovation is a critical component of ESG-related 2030 Agenda, which aims to create a more sustainable, inclusive, and secure future for everyone. Vmware is working tirelessly to make that vision a reality. Using VMware’s virtualization technology and multi-cloud platform to assist clients in decreasing the environmental impact of datacentre and cloud operations while getting greater productivity out of their infrastructure investments is a huge potential. This demonstrates that when innovation and commercial value are aligned, VMware can genuinely expand sustainability impact.

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