Veridas: Building the New Era of Identity Technology

Eduardo Azanza


“Veridas’ artificial intelligence-based engine is built to always secure the user's privacy.”

In the digital age, identity fraud is a growing problem. Adopting methods to identify these assaults and threats is crucial for the security of businesses and their users. Veridas’ fraud detection program can find fraud incidents, identify duplicate identities in a database, and stop further efforts at fraud. Veridas is the first Spanish company to get technology for remote identity verification certified by the Spanish Public Administration. This makes the company's SaaS biometrics more appealing to a wider range of clients.

According to the release, Veridas' video-identification solution enables Spanish independent contractors to complete administrative formalities and processes with perfect security and dependability without visiting regional administrative offices. There are apps for retirees as well, allowing them to skip visiting the local office to pick up their pension payments by using biometric technology to show evidence of living. Through the camera on a computer, tablet, or phone, the tool may also be used to verify the physical characteristics of an ID card belonging to a user. "Having this accreditation is a sign of the high standards of effectiveness and security with which we work at Veridas." "It is a great leap forward both for Veridas and for society, which will be able to take advantage of the guarantees offered by biometric technology in terms of verifying the identity of individuals," says Eduardo Azanza, CEO of Veridas. With the help of Veridas technology, one will be able to provide a seamless, quick, and secure access experience to the facilities and remotely authenticate a person's identification in less than a minute. With just three seconds of recording, their speech recognition technology enables them to compare two audios and decide if they belong to the same individual in milliseconds. Veridas’ artificial intelligence-based engine is built to always secure the user's privacy. Deal fearlessly with clients from all around the world. Veridas covers more than 190 nations' passports, driving licenses, residency permits, and identification documents. Veridas has made a name for itself as a top provider of biometric identification technology in a short amount of time.

In addition to the company's list of successful assessments, Veridas has acquired compliance confirmation to the international standard for presentation attack detection (PAD) level 2 testing with flying colors. The ISO/IEC 30107-3 test, which evaluates the performance of liveness detection for remote biometric authentication systems, was put to the test. Simple attacks, such as high-resolution digital and paper photographs, high-definition challenge and response movies, and paper masks, are judged at the Level 1 level. Level 2 looks for more advanced techniques such as lifelike dolls, 3D silicone, latex, and resin masks, as well as digitally created faces. According to Veridas, its liveness detection technology outperformed 700 impersonation attempts with a 100% success rate. Veridas says that the validation of its PAD technology is a big step in the company's commitment to the continuous improvement of its software and the fair evaluation of its biometric technology.

Veridas also announced a cooperative agreement, a client victory for the company's voice biometrics, and a national security certification in addition to updating its face recognition matching engine, which increased performance in NIST FRVT 1:N benchmarks. Within 322 milliseconds, Veridas' technology can match facial biometrics from a gallery of 1.6 million faces. Veridas' results with a vast gallery of 12 million IDs showed the greatest improvement in biometric accuracy, with an error rate that dropped from 15.41 percent to 7.53 percent. According to the business, in testing using a database of 12 million records, their engine placed within the top 15 of 144 face identification engines. After passing an examination of the information systems utilized by its digital identity verification service, Veridas received certification from Bureau Veritas Certification, following Spain's National Security Scheme (Esquema Nacional de Seguridad). A company press release says that the ENS certification shows that Veridas's portfolio meets the Spanish national standard for data protection, which is higher than the ISO 27001 level, which Veridas has already reached.

Veridas was established to protect people's right to use their true identities in both the physical and digital worlds. In their future world, there will be no need for passwords or keys because people will be able to prove who they are in a secret, safe, and willing way.

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