Veeam: Modern Data Protection

Anand Eswaran


"Veeam is a unique company that is growing significantly faster than the market.”

Data protection is more difficult than ever in this contemporary era. With features that are focused on accomplishing any recovery aim, optimizing an investment, and reducing administration overhead with technologies that "simply work," Veeam offers a clear route to modern data protection. The Veeam Backup and Replication v11a upgrade, which provides cloud-native solutions to safeguard data across AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud, is one of more than 30 product updates the company has released in the past year. Veeam Software is an American information technology business with a leadership team located in the US. Veeam, which was established in 2006, specializes in virtual machine backup simplification. It continues to push the envelope and innovate the market so that users can own, control, and secure their data wherever it is in the hybrid cloud. A platform specifically designed for Kubernetes, Kasten by Veeam K10 V5.0, the Kubernetes data management platform, is focused on providing a thorough risk management approach, streamlined CI/CD pipelines, and new ecosystem advancement elements that optimize and de-risk Kubernetes investments. By incorporating DevOps and shift-left concepts and improving security, the features included in NEW Kasten K10 V5.0 highlight Kasten's commitment to Kubernetes users.

In preparation for the forthcoming Veeam Backup for Microsoft 365 v7, which is anticipated later this year, Veeam exhibited improved monitoring and reporting. The new version will include enterprise-grade monitoring and reporting capabilities as a result of integration with Veeam ONE, helping to keep systems and infrastructure operating smoothly thanks to built-in intelligence. Microsoft 365 Backup is the market leader, with over 11 million users on underpaid contracts. Anand Eswaran, CEO of Veeam, reckons: "Veeam is a unique company that is growing significantly faster than the market." Veeam is committed to leading its wider ecosystem on the path to success and expansion across APJ, but it also has lofty goals of becoming a trusted technology partner in contemporary data security. Even though the global adoption of multi-/hybrid-cloud architectures and other macro trends facing the IT industry presents many challenges, such as the threat from ransomware attacks, they, as a community, have banded together to provide the most reliable solutions to the customers and the larger ecosystem.

Veeam's main goals are to assist APJ enterprises with data recovery without having to pay ransoms and to provide modern data protection solutions to safeguard sensitive corporate data. This also entails exchanging best practices and knowledge around ransomware and data security. Veeam assists its partners in reassessing their approach to implementing the best strategies for their customers that maximize both efficiencies and cost savings, all the while ensuring data availability and protection, by strengthening their offering of cutting-edge cloud-based solutions and services. Veeam's development is fueled by its partnerships with VGSIs as well as its channel partners. The alliance partners of Veeam are world leaders in infrastructure, the cloud, and apps, and they give GSIs access to tried-and-true solutions and new technologies.

Additionally, the live on-demand demos of cloud-native solutions provide them with the chance to demonstrate all the problems that Veeam can solve. Veeam can offer solutions that address all of the contemporary data protection demands, whether they are related to hardware, the cloud, ransomware, or moving toward microservices and containers. Veeam thinks that they must interact with and educate their partners not just in the metros but also in the tier 2 markets like Jaipur, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, etc. because the majority of their new business comes from smaller cities. As a result of its substantial financial and human investments in India and its companies of all sizes, Veeam is expanding at a rate that is three times that of the market. This demonstrates their dedication to the partner ecosystem. Through solid alliance agreements and smooth technological integrations with top cloud providers like Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Cloud, and IBM Cloud, Veeam offers cutting-edge data security solutions for multi-cloud companies. In IDC's semi-annual Software Tracker for 2H'21, they bagged first place as the top Data Replication & Protection Provider (DR&P) globally for their consistent performance. Veeam is expanding much more quickly. To ensure strong relevance for the APJ market, they will continue to concentrate on industry vertical-driven orientation and establishing a strong leadership team. India is crucial to the overall development of the APJ area. Veeam is committed to giving businesses in all industries and markets the best tools for protecting their data.

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