TXOne: The Leader of OT Zero Trust

Terence Liu


"With cyberattacks on the rise, the zero-trust era has arrived for OT networks."

The data gathering, data sharing, and data analysis that form the basis of any smart factory are frequently made more challenging by the inclusion of assets from a wide range of manufacturers that operate in a wide range of settings and scenarios. To safeguard dataflow at the shop floor level, partition the network using all-terrain hardware and verify assets as they arrive using the OT zero trust technique (data in use, data in transmission, and data at rest). The use of OT-native technology enables technicians to centrally control the cyber security of even a sizable number of legacy and contemporary assets operating simultaneously without causing any disruptions to business as usual. Across a variety of sectors, TXOne Networks protects the operations of over 3600 enterprises globally.

TXOne Networks develops realistic, operations-friendly strategies for cyber protection in collaboration with both major manufacturers and operators of vital infrastructure. Beyond the constraints of conventional cyber protection, the OT zero-trust-based tools we've created streamline administration, lower security overhead, and accelerate problem-solving. TXOne provides real-time, defense-in-depth cybersecurity to mission-critical devices and the OT network by delivering network- and endpoint-based solutions that connect with the layered configurations and resources typical of work sites. "With cyberattacks on the rise, the zero-trust era has arrived for OT networks," Terence Liu, TXOne CEO, explains.

TXOne Threat Research conducts a wide range of ICS device and protocol vulnerability research, evaluates potential threats, malware, and ransomware related to OT threats, and continues to present TXOne’s research at prestigious security conferences around the world, such as Black Hat, DEFCON, RSA Conference, FIRST, and others. This enables TXOne to give its partners the most up-to-date threat intelligence possible. TXOne Threat Research uses a large-scale, completely automated danger-hunting system to continually monitor and identify the IoT/ICS threat landscape. Through a global network of search engines, submissions, feedback loops, clients, partners, and their own Threat Research Labs experts, threat data is continually acquired. The vital assets and activities of the customers are swiftly protected by threat intelligence systems.

Any smart factory's data collection, data exchange, and data analysis are its cornerstones; nevertheless, these processes are frequently complicated by the integration of assets from many manufacturers. To safeguard dataflow on the shop floor, adopt the OT zero-trust technique (data in use, data in transmission, and data at rest). Network attack prevention and endpoint device protection are the two main ICS security protection options provided by TXOne Networks. This enables professionals to centrally handle cyber protection for both historic and contemporary assets without interfering with business as usual. Healthcare facilities will be avidly targeted by malicious actors who know that they will be under intense pressure to pay the ransom to restore the hacked system and preserve lives. By integrating TXOne Networks solutions into the runtime environment, an organization can stop ransomware attacks from rendering the facility inoperable.

The environment of oil and gas production is always changing, and circumstances might change swiftly. Long-distance connections would be slowed down, and refinery operations would be complicated by the IT idea of security checks on every work. With OT Zero Trust appliances, the machines only get reliable control orders since EdgeFireTM and EdgeIPSTM Pro will only transmit these messages. Critical equipment is divided into work cells by the EdgeFireTM firewall so that operations may continue regardless of what is happening in other parts of the network. By protecting these microsegments, OT assets are shielded from the consequences of staff members unintentionally clicking on phishing bait or other IT issues. TXOne's EdgeIPSTM and EdgeIPSTM Pro series use in-depth knowledge of OT Native protocols to analyze network traffic. EdgeFireTM and EdgeIPSTM Pro are being used to segment networks to battle ransomware, preventing a single assault from taking down the pipeline or infecting the whole oil and gas production complex in one fell swoop. Trust lists make well-informed decisions based on current events analysis and risk acceptance limits, in addition to oil and gas production targets. Using Trend Micro Portable SecurityTM 3 Pro, supply chain malware is removed and older assets' usable lives are prolonged. Through virtual updates and machine learning threat intelligence, the StellarProtect package continuously strengthens OT-native security defenses.

For factories and key infrastructure locations across a variety of industries, including oil, gas, mining, chemicals, energy, manufacturing, and defense, severe cyberattacks have increased in frequency in recent years. In any operational technology (OT) context, protecting infrastructure from cyberattacks is essential. Due to their reliance on sensitive and mission-critical proprietary SCADA/ICS networks and equipment, typical IT security management is put to the test. Industrial locations also need suppliers to have remote access to promptly service their systems, which complicates OT network security further. A firm will have complete OT visibility and the ability to make any required adjustments immediately with the help of TXOne's OT Defense ConsoleTM (ODCTM). This will help an organization safeguard its production line and keep it operating efficiently.

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