Trustwave: For the Hybrid, Multi-Cloud World, Cyber Resilience


Eric Harmon

“Trustwave Fusion platform enables companies unparalleled insight and control over how security resources are supplied, monitored, and managed across any environment.”

By offering powerful capabilities that fit a firm’s demands, Trustwave navigates the difficulties of the digital realm. Their extensive portfolio of configurable Managed Security Services helps enterprises fight against sophisticated threats, reduce the attack surface, uncover new risks, and respond to and recover from incidents, thanks to global threat intelligence from the expert Trustwave SpiderLabs team. Clients can see their analysts’ views and access all collected data due to the openness of the Trustwave Fusion Platform. Their capacity to respond in a timely and suitable manner depends on the experience and awareness of threats and Trustwave’s grasp of the impact on business. Threats are becoming more aggressive, the number of endpoints that must be managed increases, tight finances, and few in-house security professionals. Trustwave’s approach to cyber resilience is based on delivering consistent and ongoing results through a unique methodology focusing on today’s most crucial security challenges: detecting and responding to attacks, threat prevention, and ensuring critical assets and data are safe. The company also offers consulting and professional services, including both cyber advisory and diagnostic services, to support the effectiveness of your hybrid multi-cloud world. By making the required changes and remediating security gaps, Trustwave can help organizations to both integrate and deploy new technologies and processes into your existing technology stack.

The multi-layered intelligence and detection engine in Trustwave MailMarshal performs a thorough real-time analysis of inbound email traffic to safeguard users from cyber dangers. MailMarshal allows integrating email content workflows into corporate processes and monitoring outgoing email traffic to prevent the loss of proprietary data, intellectual property, private documents, and financial information. Trustwave assists clients in developing and advancing their cyber security operations by providing 24×7 monitoring, threat hunting, and fast reaction capabilities. Organizations may utilize these services and solutions to secure their data, assets, and people. To better find, monitor, and fix vulnerabilities, Trustwave decreases risks in an ever-evolving attack surface.

With total visibility, centralized administration, and communication amongst security teams, the Trustwave Fusion platform enables companies unparalleled insight and control over how security resources are supplied, monitored, and managed across any environment. Advanced threats are responded to quickly and effectively thanks to out-of-the-box rules and sophisticated analytics engines, as well as world-class Trustwave SpiderLabs threat intelligence. Through two-way, cloud-based connectivity and best practice services frameworks, support for hybrid security operations is provided. The Trustwave Fusion platform connects operational environments by tearing down barriers between Trustwave Managed Security Services, security testing services, and a customer’s Security Operation Center, resulting in a smooth and integrated operation.

Recently, a Department of Defense contractor specialized in thermal imaging infrared cameras, components, and sensors for military, law enforcement, and commercial applications has recently embedded its products in Apache helicopters and other military equipment. A successful hack might jeopardize its ability to operate on confidential government networks, damage its intellectual property, and threaten its primary source of revenue. As a result, the corporation utilizes cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions to anticipate, hunt down, and respond to attacks. Trustwave SpiderLabs Fusion Center now receives the company’s security logs and data points from Cortex XDR. This highest security command center detects and tracks vulnerabilities as well as enemy strategies. The customer was pleased since Trustwave SpiderLabs ethical hackers specialize by industry. Therefore, the specialists assigned to the company’s team had extensive experience in military manufacture. With this background, the Trustwave team could bypass the ramp-up stage and detect sophisticated threats right away.

When it comes to providing proper cyber security, Trustwave SOCs differ from standard security operations centers. Trustwave SOCs feature enhanced threat detection and real-time incident response, containment, and remediation capabilities in addition to security device monitoring and alerting. Furthermore, Trustwave manages the whole lifespan of a security issue, from the first detection to network recovery, all under one roof by a worldwide team of security experts focused on safeguarding enterprises. Trustwave aims to provide better threat management each day, and they are succeeding in it. 

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