Trustwave: Cyber Defenders to Stop Cyber Security

Eric Harmon


"Trustwave is focused on enhancing its operational effectiveness and efficiency by boosting the number of threats it stops, the speed at which it responds to those threats, and its effectiveness at eliminating false positives."

Smart security is a must-have, but selecting the correct security service provider may be challenging. Trustwave is the most popular security threat solution. Businesses all around the globe rely on Trustwave's global SpiderLabs team to keep them up to date on the newest security threats. Trustwave SpiderLabs has established itself as a world-renowned expert on the past, present, and future of security through their security vulnerability investigations, spyware reverse-engineering projects, millions of scans, thousands of penetration tests, leadership of open-source security projects, and efforts to assist the security community. Security and penetration testers, incident responders, forensic investigators, malware reversers, security researchers, published writers, and sought-after speakers make up the SpiderLabs team at Trustwave.

Trustwave is a global leader in managed security services (MSS) and managed detection and response (MD&R) (MDR). Trustwave helps enterprises across the world identify and respond to attacks 24x7 in the hybrid multi-cloud world, with more than 2,000 world-class security specialists working on behalf of clients in 96 countries. The award-winning threat research and information provided by Trustwave SpiderLabs is incorporated into Trustwave services and solutions to strengthen cyber resilience in the age of sophisticated threats. Singtel's Trustwave is the worldwide security arm of Singtel, Optus, and NCS.

While housed within the center are highly specialized multidisciplinary strike teams formed from Trustwave SpiderLabs, an elite group of ethical hackers, threat hunters, incident responders and advanced researchers. These units infused into the company’s globally dispersed network of Advanced Security Operation Centers (ASOCs) drive immediate action and response as security incidents emerge. The Trustwave SpiderLabs Fusion Center employs a three-tier threat model consisting of some of the top minds in security who excel at ethical hacking, proactive threat hunting and incident response. In addition to spotting the most obscure vulnerabilities and exploiting the smallest gaps in defenses, Trustwave SpiderLabs optimizes behavioral analytics, endpoint data, SIEM logs and other potential sources for indicating compromise to eliminate threats before catastrophic damage occurs.

Trustwave’s professionals have vast expertise with tools and procedures that equal the sophistication of today's modern attackers and their methods, allowing them to simulate the sorts of attacks their company must fight against. Trustwave can predict tomorrow's dangers due to their ongoing, passionate research and expertise examining real-world attacks. They use such findings to improve Trustwave's threat and vulnerability management services for their customers. Trustwave’s security testing reveals how attackers think and behave, allowing them to explain how an attacker acquires unauthorized access to the company's critical systems and data, so that they know where to invest their money and effort to guard against actual invasions. "Trustwave is focused on enhancing its operational effectiveness and efficiency by boosting the number of threats it stops, the speed at which it responds to those threats, and its effectiveness at eliminating false positives, '' says CEO of Trustwave Holdings, Eric Harmon. Stronger operations should drive continued rapid revenue growth in both the managed security services and managed detection and response spaces, "Harmon adds.

In order to contain a breach, minimize exposure, stem losses, and preserve evidence, it's critical to respond swiftly and in an orderly manner to a data-loss situation. The consequences of a data breach include not just lost data and possible fines, but also brand harm and shame, as well as the time and resources required to clean up the mess. Trustwave’s digital forensic investigators identify the underlying cause of breaches and collect, handle, and preserve the chain-of-custody of evidence to support litigation if necessary. And, like Trustwave has for many other firms, they can assist an organization in quickly responding to the repercussions of a data breach. Trustwave’s skilled investigators may also assist in training the employees to respond appropriately in the event of a security breach.

When Augmedix, a medical documentation service, recently discovered it couldn't keep up with the daily influx of data into its Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) system, it turned to Trustwave to build its Managed Detection and Response (MDR) solution to tackle the situation. "It’s really about market evolution and focus for us," Harmon says. "As the market evolved, we have shifted our focus to MDR, MSS and more advanced consulting work."

Trustwave's extensive, worldwide customer presence, enhanced by their applied research and field experience, provides them with unrivaled visibility into security risks. Hundreds of data breach investigations, threat information from their worldwide security operations centers, telemetry from security technologies, and industry-leading security research provide Trustwave with crucial insights. Finally, they improve the effectiveness of Trustwave managed services by feeding them with their own threat intelligence.

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