TrustedSec: Security to Evolve Beyond Threats

David Kennedy

Founder & CEO

"Companies are on the front lines of this new cyber conflict, and we are seeing a tremendous increase in demand for our services."

Organizational security against all dangers is difficult these days, and the lack of such security measures has resulted in numerous hazards for many enterprises. TrustedSec is a cybersecurity consulting firm that specializes in attack simulations and strategic risk management. TrustedSec is dedicated to improving the security posture of enterprises throughout the world, with a staff recruited not only for knowledge and technical talent but also for ethical character and devotion. Any firm striving to create and improve its security program will find TrustedSec to be a valuable ally. TrustedSec is a global pioneer in the creation of cybersecurity programs, cyber-attack simulations, incident response, and digital forensic investigations. The firm, which was founded in 2012, advises several well-known firms in the technology, finance, healthcare, automotive, and manufacturing sectors. It also serves as a consultant to governments and trains the US military's Cyber Protection Teams.

TrustedSec is a full-service security consulting firm that works with businesses of all sizes and shapes. TrustedSec takes a holistic approach to an organization's business and how to handle the most significant security needs, from planning to testing to remediation. With its program evaluation and compliance services, TrustedSec helps enterprises improve business performance and redefine how they view and manage risk.

As organizations are depending more and more on automation and IT, data and system availability are becoming increasingly important. Improved productivity, availability, and assurance may all be attributed to having faith and confidence in the information security program. Measuring the maturity of a program with skilled partners on hand to assist in building it can increase the effectiveness of the information security program and risk management skills significantly. Organizations and enterprises of all sizes and industry sectors are vulnerable to cybersecurity threats. Without committed security skills, including leadership, developing and sustaining a successful information security plan may be challenging. TrustedSec provides security program management services that combine program management with technical evaluations to help firms make more informed decisions that executives can support. Security breaches can take numerous forms, with culprits ranging from hostile insiders to multinational hackers.

The Incident Response team at TrustedSec helps customers determine the WHAT, HOW, and WHEN of a breach, as well as establish a strategy and methodology to control and mitigate the damage. Remediation Services from TrustedSec serve as both the mechanic and copilot of an organization's security vehicle, assisting them in resolving issues and remaining on the course moving ahead. As problems are discovered, they are rapidly (and effectively) resolved by expert consultants who have a deep awareness of the organization's beginnings, current state, and future ambitions.

TrustedSec recently celebrated the grand opening of its new high-tech corporate headquarters in Fairlawn, Ohio, with city leaders. “TrustedSec’s next chapter is in Fairlawn, where we have big plans not only for the company but also for the local community," says David Kennedy, the founder, and CEO of TrustedSecand a former hacker for the National Security Agency (NSA). "Cybersecurity has never been more important than it is right now, between the rise in geopolitical tensions and the continuing surge in ransomware and financial fraud attacks." Companies are on the front lines of this new cyber conflict, and we are seeing a tremendous increase in demand for our services. With our new complex in Fairlawn, we will be able to not only expand our business operations but also position the region as a central hub for cybersecurity training and development for the world’s largest companies, " Kennedy adds.

Rather than depending on automatic solutions, TrustedSec takes a human approach to technical security testing, emphasizing the power and understanding of their consulting team. The team is made up of security experts that are well-known in the field and have decades of expertise. They assess what findings are most essential and give the greatest possible information to understand the real-world effectiveness of the customers' defenses by providing them with the most comprehensive testing available. TrustedSec’s mission is to assist enterprises in defending against all types of attacks and to improve the security sector.

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