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Transmit Security

Mickey Boodae

Co-founder and CEO

“We deliver a fully cross-functional authentication solution that is agile, intuitive, and easy to use”

With the growing number of cyber threats across the globe, organizations are in search of solutions that can secure their data much effectively with simplified procedures. Organizations lose billions of dollars and suffer irreparable brand damage due to identity fraud. This has driven the industry to consider identity protection today as more important than ever. This is where Transmit Security—a company that delivers frictionless identity experiences for both customers and the workforce across all channels—stands a mile ahead in the industry. Transmit Security, the identity experience company’s user-centric solutions include the industry’s first app-less biometric authenticator, are proven to ensure an effortless and truly passwordless experience – effectively reducing all forms of identity attrition and saving enterprises substantial costs. “The market is ready for change. It’s time to eliminate our dependency on outdated password technology and evolve to a place where passwords are no longer necessary,” begins Mickey Boodae, Co-founder and CEO, Transmit Security.

Transmit Security was co-founded by serial entrepreneurs and investors, Mickey Boodaei and Rakesh Loonkar to change the security identity landscape. “Our identity and authentication solution keeps you and your users secure and delighted,” adds Boodae.

The company’s BindID is the most advanced identity authentication network. Universal identity passports in the digital network know each user before you do. The full power of trust-based network technology identifies infrequent users, new devices, different channels, and applications without passwords, ids, usernames, or resets. Whereas FlexID is one of the most advanced core identity and IAM technology. The solution enables customers to build their own identity stack and integrate chosen vendors. As a result, customers get full identity protection and detection into any app or channel at any time.

The Transmit Security Platform provides a solution for managing identity across applications while maintaining security and usability. As criminal threats evolve, online authentication has become reactive and less effective. Many organizations have taken on multiple point solutions to try to stay ahead, deploying new authenticators, risk engines, and fraud tools. In the process, the customer experience has suffered. And with an increasingly complex environment, many enterprises struggle with the ability to rapidly innovate to provide customers with an omnichannel experience that enables them to stay ahead of emerging threats. “Frictionless identity experiences are the driving force behind our technology. We deliver a fully cross-functional authentication solution that is agile, intuitive, and easy to use — without ever sacrificing on the user experience,” says Boodae.

Transmit Security is on a mission to transform the identity experience market. From onboarding to authentication to smart authorization for both customers and the workforce across every channel, the company’s technology reduces all forms of identity attrition and saves enterprises substantial costs. Around the world, large enterprises are standardizing Transmit Security to introduce innovative digital identity journeys. Older methods such as one-time validations and 2FA are not enough to deter fraudsters. With the combination of highly secure device biometrics and the standardized protocols of FIDO, Transmit Security’s solutions are able to track and gauge risk across all platforms, sessions and devices. Powered by the latest technology, their solutions allow for seamless authentication experiences which in turn increases customer satisfaction and loyalty. By eliminating friction and frustration, businesses are able to reduce all forms of identity attrition and save substantial costs.

The company has been continually developing solutions and found new and innovative ways to meet the needs of our customers and the ever-changing security space. Transmit Security today works with some of the largest and most innovative global enterprises and Fortune 500 companies to keep their identity stack secure and scalable.

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