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Delivering Seamless Zero Trust Access

Top 10 Zero-Trust Security Providers 2022

Cato Networks: The world’s robust single-vendor SASE platform is here

There’s more than one path on the journey to zero trust. Although the goal of Zero Trust is the same regardless of the specifics—to remove trust assumptions and reduce cyber risk—there are different ways to implement the tools and processes that make Zero Trust possible. Cato was a pioneer in the cloud's integration of networking and security. Cato provides the world’s most robust single-vendor SASE platform, converged with Cato SD-WAN Read More…

Comodo: Zero Trust Winning the Hearts of Security Geeks

Zero trust security has gained significant traction in cybersecurity in recent years as a method to protect networks and increase protection across organizations. Unlike the perimeter-based security model, which considers anything from within the corporate network to be secure and trustworthy, zero trust assumes that no user or device can be inherently trusted. Comodo is a company that offers endpoint protection solutions for organizations across the world. Read More…

Datasparc: Delivering Unprecedented Data Security with database access

Zero-trust security is an emerging solution in protecting sensitive data for companies of all sizes, from large-scale to small-scale. Businesses rely on their data storehouses not only to maintain client and customer data, but also to maintain company data insights that are key to any company’s growth. In this way, having a handle on the database is key for a company’s continued performance, except problems occur at the level of access control - who has access and when. Read More…

NUTS Technologies: Privacy is the natural state of being human

People are innately private. Thoughts, dreams, and ideas occur in your mind first before they can be consciously communicated orally or in writing. Traditionally, writing these thoughts in a locked diary or confiding in someone are just a few examples of how people try to preserve their privacy. In today’s world, the internet has drastically changed how we can communicate private information. Read More…

TXOne: The Leader of OT Zero Trust

The data gathering, data sharing, and data analysis that form the basis of any smart factory are frequently made more challenging by the inclusion of assets from a wide range of manufacturers that operate in a wide range of settings and scenarios. To safeguard dataflow at the shop floor level, partition the network using all-terrain hardware and verify assets as they arrive using the OT zero trust technique (data in use, data in transmission, and data at rest). Read More…


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