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A Unified Platform For Endpoint Protection

Top 10 Threat Management Solution Providers 2022

Darktrace: Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Cybersecurity

Artificial intelligence (AI) is helping under-resourced security operations analysts keep ahead of threats as cyberattacks increase in volume and complexity. AI can identify connections between risks like malware files, dubious IP addresses, or insiders in seconds. AI offers customized risk analysis, reducing the time security professionals need to address risks and make important judgments. AI analyses Read More…

Imperva: Into the Future of Cybersecurity with Imperva

The multiplying digital connections form increasingly complex webs that grow more intricate with each new technology. Securing precious user data in such complex environments is one of the most common challenges organizations face in today's cyber era. Imperva is a cybersecurity provider that helps organizations secure their data and all paths. With a unified approach combining edge, Read More…

Obsidian: Protecting Applications that People Rely On

From productivity suites and communication tools to HR systems and identity providers, organizations around the world entrust more data than ever before to their SaaS applications. Obsidian creates a comprehensive and contextual understanding of these complex, interconnected applications to make them safer and more secure. The company helps to mitigate threats and minimize risk Read More…


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