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Technology that is Changing the Financial Audit Function

Top 10 Risk Managment Solution Providers 2023

Fusion Risk Management: Powering Resilient Operations with Fusion Risk Management

An organization’s operational resilience affects its capacity to react and recover quickly. Operational resilience is a business's ability to respond to and overcome adverse circumstances during operations that might cause financial loss or disrupt business services. It is a crucial tool for helping organizations deal with challenging circumstances. Every organization occasionally runs into issues. Read More…

Ncontracts: An Integrated Risk and Compliance Management Solution

It was the early 2000s and the world was facing a financial crisis. Michael Berman was serving as General Counsel in the financial-technology industry where he was charged with managing risk, compliance, and vendor management. He sat in meeting after meeting watching his peers get buried by mountains of spreadsheets. Data was disconnected, work was duplicated, and the risk wasn't being managed. Read More…

SambaSafety: Empowering Safety and Compliance for a Connected World

Any business will incur significant costs for risk management. To make sure that the risks associated with the firm are being managed effectively, several qualified individuals need to be hired and maintained. The cost can be substantial. Smaller businesses are frequently discouraged from implementing risk management because of the cost. The larger companies know that the benefits of risk management operations far outweigh the expenditures. Read More…


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