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AI-Driven Fraud and AML Risk Detection

Top 10 Regtech Solution Providers 2022

DocFox: Automated Business Account Opening for Financial Institutions

Vendors have overcome the difficulty of customer account opening during the previous decade. Many options allow a business to set up a consumer account in minutes. Individual Identity and Verification (ID & V) systems, which underpin these consumer account creation methods, have matured to the point that they are being commoditized. On the other hand, opening accounts for enterprises and other complicated organizations like trusts, not-for-profits, Read More…

Elliptic: Bridging the gap: Next generation blockchain intelligence

The world of crypto is moving at breakneck speed. In the 13 years since the Bitcoin genesis block was mined, blockchains and crypto have gone from innovative, yet fringe, technologies, to becoming embedded in the global financial ecosystem. When talking about adoption of cryptocurrencies and cryptoassets, reliable data is hard to come by (an important point we will return to). Read More…

Know Your Customer: Building the Future of Regulatory Technology

Regtech is the application of various new technological solutions that assist highly regulated industry stakeholders in setting and meeting regulatory governance, reporting, compliance, and risk management obligations. The right RegTech solutions will make it easier for financial institutions and regulated organizations to translate written compliance policies into step-by-step digital procedures. Know Your Customer has designed a cloud and AI-based solution that simplifies AML compliance, Read More…

Red Oak Compliance: Adding Impactful Intelligence to Compliance Solutions

The compliance space is often perceived to focus solely on the functions of their defined roles. Unfortunately, the risk-averse nature of many compliance groups means that the need for leading-edge solutions that help perform those functions and shift their focus to more high-priority projects is often overlooked. Firms continue to face increased pressure to communicate with clients at an unprecedented rate via a multitude of distribution channels. Read More…

RegScale: Governance, Risk and Compliance…in real time

Compliance today is largely conducted using Word documents and Excel spreadsheets that are instantly out of date the moment they are created. In the late 1990s and 2000s, the seeds of digitizing compliance started being planted. However, achieving and maintaining compliance has never been a piece of cake, especially for heavily regulated entities using traditional Governance, Risk and Compliance platforms. Read More…


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