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Top 10 RegTech Solution Providers 2021

Data was fast becoming outdated, leading to an increase in false positives and risk exposure. ComplyAdvantage made it feasible to empower compliance experts with robust financial crime-fighting tools. ComplyAdvantage automates the production of AML data. This complex undertaking necessitated a completely new technological architecture, cutting-edge artificial intelligence, and the collaboration of hundreds of engineers, data scientists, and financial crime experts. Read More…

The modern world relies on technology for almost everything. And without doubt, these technologies are making our lives a lot easier day by day. The apps that deliver food to the doorstep via drones and technologies to predict human actions beforehand have all silently become a part of our everyday lives. This was when Corlytics developed a solution to manage regulatory processes within the financial industry through advanced technology.Read More…

Regulatory technology is the use of technology to achieve regulatory objectives better. It can support the enhanced targeting of regulation and reduce administration and compliance costs if used well. While regTech can ameliorate regulatory outputs and reduce costs, it is not a substitute for regulatory reform. Encompass was founded in 2011, setting out on a mission to help firms comprehensively detect and prevent financial crime and reduce regulatory risk. Read More…


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