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Cybersecurity: Solved and Simplified

Top 10 Managed Security Solution Providers 2022

Alert Logic: Cybersecurity Made Easy with Alert Logic

An MDR service's main purpose is to discover vulnerabilities, configuration errors, and breaches in such a way that their impact on the company is minimized. Organizations depend entirely on outsourced cybersecurity services in certain cases, while others use a combination of internal and external resources. In either scenario, the line between what is consumed as a platform and what is consumed as a service is blurring as more security operations are automated via the cloud. Read More…

SECURITYHQ: Delivering Strategic Security and Peace of Mind

Businesses across the globe are struggling to find the right talent and to have the right skills in place to feel comfortable using the technology. It is not just hard to find the talent to monitor the SIEM or monitor alerts, it is also hard to find the talent to have a strategic voice to support the strategy of the security function. On top of this, security technology is moving so fast, not everyone can keep up, or even knows what they need in the first place. Read More…

Trustwave: Cyber Defenders to Stop Cyber Security

Smart security is a must-have, but selecting the correct security service provider may be challenging. Trustwave is the most popular security threat solution. Businesses all around the globe rely on Trustwave's global SpiderLabs team to keep them up to date on the newest security threats. Trustwave SpiderLabs has established itself as a world-renowned expert on the past, present, and future of security through their security vulnerability investigations, spyware reverse-engineering projects, Read More…


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