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Incode Technologies Inc:

Reinventing the Way Humans Verify and Authenticate

Top 10 IGA Solution Providers 2022

Authomize: Safeguarding the Identity for All

Identity governance or protecting the identity of internet users has become a critical task for every organization these days. The challenges are rising daily, and Identity Governance and Administration are offered as a service by IGA companies worldwide. Authomize is a Cloud Identity and Access Security Platform that continuously monitors identities, assets, access privileges, and activities to secure applications and cloud services. Read More…

Loginradius: A New Vision for CIAM

Rakesh Soni CEO & Co-founder “There is only one boss. The Consumer.We put them at the center of everything we do at LoginRadius. We design our technology for consumers and build it for developers.” Thousands of individuals compromise their identities every day because of weak defense and poor authentication at the service providers’ end. Businesses need a robust identity management solution to navigate their digital transformation journey without compromising Read More…

Simeio: Protecting Identities through Innovative Solutions

The modern work culture has been transformed drastically over the past years. Most organizations are well on completing their digital transformation and have adopted hybrid work culture, with a significant portion of their total workforce working remotely part or full-time. Thus, organizations must secure access to various cloud-based and on-premises applications and data, necessitating modernizing identity and access management (IAM) initiatives. Read More…


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