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Transmit Security:

Reinventing Customer Identity and Access Management

Top 10 IAM Solution Providers 2022

Authomize: Automatically Eliminate Authorization Chaos

The statistical risk that a percentage of the organization's identities will be compromised climbs as the number of identities grows. Authomize assists companies in implementing the defense in depth necessary to reduce the chance of a breach by limiting access to the bare minimum required and continually monitoring for security policy violations that might put the assets at danger. Authomize was formed by a group of seasoned and innovative entrepreneurs that recognized the issues Read More…

Patriot One Technologies: Smart Threat Detection Solutions

Current technology necessitates the intended subject's involvement and compliance. Perimeter controls in a permanent installation at a secure institution require an expensive operator crew and can be bypassed during a dedicated assault. Individual screening using millimeter bandwidth scans is time-consuming, prone to operator mistakes or false-positive findings, and raises privacy concerns. The continued deployment of large stationary detection equipment Read More…

Smile Identity: Onboard, Verify, and Authenticate Users Across Africa

ID verification and KYC compliance issues don't have to stifle expansion. Smile Identity will handle the technology while a firm can concentrate on what matters. In some areas, Smile Identity may onboard consumers with just a picture or can level up the security to fulfill tiered KYC standards with ID validation, liveness checks, bank account verification, and address verification. Smile Identity's software and APIs are used by over a hundred companies of various sizes Read More…


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