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Building Next-Gen Cloud Data Innovation

Top 10 GRC Solution Providers 2022

6Clicks: Automating Regulatory Compliance

When it comes to modern businesses, there are a variety of challenges that begin with the ever-evolving threat landscape to the deluge of regulatory changes and impositions. Additionally, with the growth of cloud adoption and more and more products and services delivered via cloud, the ability for organizations to bring new revenue streams to market depend on ability to quickly get those offerings certified for consumer consumption, this has a direct revenue implication. Read More…

Compliance & Risks: The Comprehensive Compliance Management Solution

Cybersecurity is a growing area of concern for companies due to regulation growth around the world, with many countries laying down framework regulations establishing rules to protect consumers, society in general and governments from the different types of cyber vulnerabilities that are becoming more prevalent in today’s connected world. Moreover, compliance and regulations are always changing, making it a challenging task to keep on top of regulatory changes and their impact. Read More…

Hitachi Systems TCM: Focusing on Protection and Prevention

As the mode of businesses around the globe are changing, it is required to manage customer data securely. On average, a hacker attacks every 39 seconds, so about 2244 times a day. Businesses face increasing risks every day from the non-shared customer data they have stored, but also from developer errors. In addition to jeopardizing data and disrupting day-to-day operations, data leaks and cyber threats have a significant financial impact and damage the company's reputation. Read More…

Reciprocity: Powerful Approach to Risk Management

Everybody thinks that cyber risk management has changed from being an IT issue to a business one. Security executives must change the way they explain risk to the board as a result of this change. Security executives need assistance translating risk into business terms that the board can use to make educated, strategic decisions to spur development, but the risk is difficult to articulate in the context of a commercial effort. Read More…


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