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MANGOPAY and Nethone:

United to provide Flexible and Powerful Fraud Management for marketplaces

Top 10 Fraud Management Solution Providers 2023

Arkose Labs: Driving a New Era of Fraud Prevention

Fraud prevention technology has made enormous strides from advances in computing speeds (high-performance analytics), machine learning, and other forms of artificial intelligence (AI). Fraud touches every area of our lives; it raises the price we pay for goods and services, squanders tax money, pulls resources from innovation, and even costs human lives. The growing complexities of state-sponsored terrorism, professional criminals, and basement terrible guys are becoming Read More…

Cybellum: Marketing is Always a Challenge, But it can be So Rewarding

After a quarter of a decade of marketing enterprise software and various cyber-IT solutions, in November 2022 I took on the challenge, as CMO of Cybellum, to market a Product Security Platform in the emerging area of cybersecurity for connected devices, products, vehicles and critical infrastructure. Cybersecurity has for the most part been focused on IT components including databases, endpoints, servers and networks. Over the last few years,Read More…

Signifyd: Stay Ahead of Fraud with Advanced Technology

Signifyd is an enterprise-grade fraud technology solution for e-commerce shops that is delivered as a SaaS service. Through a financial guarantee, it streamlines fraud detection, allowing firms to grow sales while lowering fraud losses. It was developed on the premise that e-commerce enterprises should be free to expand without fear of being defrauded. The solution addresses the issues that rising e-commerce Read More…


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