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Top 10 EndPoint Security Solution Providers 2021

Businesses need anti-virus software and firewall protection on all their PCs (or ‘endpoints’), but they don’t always have the right technology to do it flawlessly. The result is false consciousness. They think they are safe, but they’re not. Bitdefender is a cybersecurity leader delivering best-in-class threat prevention, detection, and response solutions worldwide. Identifying the desperate need for reliable endpoint security solutions in the market, Bitdefender developed advanced endpoint security solutions for businesses across the globe. Read More…

Delivering endpoint security comes with some significant challenges. Growing businesses know they need to protect their end-users from viruses, spyware, and unauthorized intrusion. FireEye, an intelligence-led security company, offers innovative endpoint security solutions for businesses around the globe. Read More…

Every sector has its own set of issues, and each firm within a vertical is distinct. Whatever the industry, one thing is constant: IT must now work as a business accelerator rather than a bottleneck or a blocker. Digital transformation is crucial for all businesses, but it may be complicated and perplexing. It’s no longer a surprise how Presidio’s technology propels the company forward. Read More…


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