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AI-based Cyber Forensics

Top 10 Digital Forensics Solution Providers 2022

Black Rainbow: Streamlining Investigations and Facilitating Digital Forensics

Investigative case management is a sequence of processes to keep track of investigations and coordinate multiple agents and support personnel involved in the affair. Even though the system is of massive help to investigative organizations, this area was vastly underfunded and underserved in terms of user requirements, product development, and innovation for many years. Read More…

Envista Forensics: Adept Consulting and Engineering Solutions

When natural disasters or other calamities strike, swift claim processing and precise expert evaluations may help owners and insurers not only recover but also rebuild and fortify themselves for the years to come. Over the past 15 years, the committed specialists and engineers at Envista have worked on tens of thousands of catastrophic (CAT) losses. When addressing these complicated claims, Envista’s Read More…

Guidepost: Streamlining Case Management through Digital Forensics

Digital forensic investigations resolve the challenges of cloud computing forensics, such as evidence identification, collection, preservation, and timelining from heterogeneous cumulative data. Offering reliable and efficient digital forensic solutions is crucial for seamless case management. Guidepost Solutions offers domestic and international investigations, monitoring, compliance solutions, and security Read More…

Magnet Forensics: Fighting Cyber Crimes with Innovation

With firm roots in law enforcement and government, and helping agencies fight cyber enabled crimes such as child exploitation, human trafficking and terrorism, Magnet Forensics digital investigation software also services corporations, including a number of the Fortune 100, in their fight against cyber crime. Organizations in technology, telecommunications, health care and financial services have adopted Read More…


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