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Top 10 Cyber Security Solution Providers 2022

Nisos: Navigating the Novel Cybersecurity Realms

Cybersecurity is a crucial business requirement, providing a secure base to transform and support the business irrespective of size. Digital technology now powers and empowers enterprises like electricity did during the industrial revolution. It also has the ability, if insufficiently secured or resilient, to interrupt communications and disrupt supply chains. A single data breach or malware attack can incapacitate real-time transactions and network interactions, ultimately disrupting business Read More…

Proofpoint: Protecting People and Defending Data

The most pressing problem at the moment is the risk of data theft and cyberattacks. Email security, data loss prevention, electronic discovery, and email archiving are all services and solutions offered by Sunnyvale, California-based Proofpoint, Inc., an American business security firm. The Proofpoint Protection Server (PPS) for medium and large enterprises was the company's initial offering. It used patented machine learning algorithms to reliably identify spam email, Read More…

Verif-y: Changing the Face of Security and Compliance

In recent years, security and compliance through identity management experienced a sea of changes, from creating multiple failover offsite backup solutions to building new-age white boxes and other hearsay maneuvers. Dabbling in these games of innovation, organizations were compromising some quintessential security elements that strengthen the foundation of any business. In the whole authentication process, and especially if it's done by third-party, Read More…


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