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The Hyper-Secure Content Collaboration

Top 10 Content Security Providers 2022

Axinom: Protecting Premium Content with Technology

As businesses around the globe are relying more on content for marketing to daily operations, content security has become an important aspect. Axinom provides software products for content-first platforms. Media, aerospace, and mobility companies around the world use Axinom products to solve the complex challenges of preparation, management, security, and delivery of content and software services. Read More…

IMATAG: Protecting Digital Assets Better

When it comes to businesses, just like regular data, visual contents also play a critical role. Images are an integral part of companies’ commercial strategy and a visual revealing information about a new product or unveiling a new campaign has a considerable value, namely the cost of losing control of it. However, visual content is not data like the others, it requires specific tools to protect it. Companies selling products Read More…

Verimatrix: Securing Modern Connected World

Security is inevitable for every business operation today. From securing assets to content, businesses need a strong security architecture and the expert support to excel in this competitive world. Verimatrix helps power the modern connected world with security made for people. The company protect digital content, applications, and devices with intuitive, people-centered and frictionless security. Leading brands Read More…

TXOne: The Leader of OT Zero Trust

The data gathering, data sharing, and data analysis that form the basis of any smart factory are frequently made more challenging by the inclusion of assets from a wide range of manufacturers that operate in a wide range of settings and scenarios. To safeguard dataflow at the shop floor level, partition the network using all-terrain hardware and verify assets as they arrive using the OT zero trust technique (data in use, data in transmission, and data at rest). Read More…


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