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Top 10 Biometric Solution Providers 2022

Fujitsu: Transforming the future of Biometrics

ICT encompasses both the internet-enabled sphere as well as the mobile one powered by wireless networks. It also includes antiquated technologies, such as landline telephones, and radio and television broadcasts -- all of which are still widely used today alongside cutting-edge ICT pieces such as artificial intelligence and robotics. ICT is sometimes used synonymously with IT (for information technology); however, ICT is generally used to represent a broader, Read More…

Veridas: Building the New Era of Identity Technology

In the digital age, identity fraud is a growing problem. Adopting methods to identify these assaults and threats is crucial for the security of businesses and their users. Veridas’ fraud detection program can find fraud incidents, identify duplicate identities in a database, and stop further efforts at fraud. Veridas is the first Spanish company to get technology for remote identity verification certified by the Spanish Public Administration. Read More…

Wicket: Building the Next Era of Touchless Access

One of the primary issues with more traditional methods of credentialing and authentication is that they rely on keycards or other transferable credentials to authenticate someone and secure their assets and properties. These types of credentials ultimately can be lost, stolen, and in some cases, freely lent out or used to allow more than one person in. This is where Wicket is creating a difference with Facial Authentication that eliminates all these risks by using the one thing that can't be transferred Read More…


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