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Automating Application Connectivity

Top 10 Application Security Solution Providers 2022

Enso Security: Bring Flexibility and Scalability to AppSec Program to End AppSec Chaos

AppSec has plagued security teams for far too long, causing confusion, delays, and massive data collection, leaving little room for true application security. The Enso team has decided to go where no one has gone before, committing their combined 30 years of experience to reducing the chaos with a single application security posture management interface for ultimate orchestration and control. Read More…

Jscrambler: Experts in Online Data Exfiltration Threats and Pioneers in JavaScript Protection

The necessity for safety develops as the digital era advances and serves us on a personal and professional level. When it comes to business, safety is crucial. JScrambler is a company that focuses on the creation of new solutions to prevent online and mobile apps and games from being stolen or reused, as well as safeguarding intellectual property from piracy and assisting in the enforcement of software licensing. Jscrambler is the leading source of JavaScript protection and application security innovation. Read More…

Oxeye: Solution to The Cloud Native AppSecurity Equation

Legacy application security testing (AST) technologies have long struggled with accuracy. To automate security for cloud native apps, the findings must be precise, dependable, and contextual. While other AST tools are only focused on discovering vulnerabilities, Oxeye adds context to vulnerabilities while reducing false positives and negatives. There is code all over the place. Pieces of code are deployed in several locations, communicate at runtime, and execute on separate sections of the infrastructure using cloud native apps. Read More…


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