Talon Cyber Security: Enabling and Protecting the Hybrid Workforce


Co-Founder & CEO


Co-Founder & CTO

"It's our obligation to the world to do something that brings value."

Today's hybrid employees frequently work from home, on the go, or in the office using their own devices. Since their company does not handle these individual endpoints, no security policy is followed. Most workers are wary of installing potentially intrusive business software on their own devices because they care about data privacy. TalonWork's secure business browser allays privacy worries, upholds policy restrictions, and allows for simple end-user deployment. Without installing an agent on the user's device or obtaining access to private programs and data, it offers robust built-in security capabilities. With less complexity and expense, Talon offers the first corporate browser that was created to protect and facilitate hybrid work. With Talon's secure and isolated workspace, employees can work from any location and any device, safely accessing workplace resources from both corporate and non-corporate devices. Today's workers utilize the browser more than any other business application. Talon offers improved security in a variety of work settings, including remote employees, third-party contractors, SaaS and on-premise web services, working from personal devices, and more. Ofer Ben-Noon and OhadBobrov, two seasoned businessmen and ex-officers of Israel's elite intelligence technology unit, Unit 8200, formed Talon.

Unmanaged, untrusted devices that the company has no visibility into or control over are everywhere in an average enterprise. These include different partners and other outside contractors who frequently use unmanaged endpoints to access business apps and systems. To safeguard unmanaged and untrusted devices, security and IT administrators are turning to the TalonWork secure business browser. Customers can grant secure access to the essential business, communication, and special-purpose apps that run their companies using the TalonWork browser. Without the requirement for device enrollment, it also enables enterprises to guarantee an optimal security posture for all mobile devices used throughout their settings. TalonWork is based on Chromium and delivers a robust browsing experience on any device (Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS). Used by more than 2 billion users around the globe, the Chromium core ensures high-performance, regular updates and native user experience. In fact, TalonWork hardens Chromium in a multi-layered approach: enhanced security configurations, hardened rendering engine, encryption of sensitive data (like authentication tokens) and central management.

According to a recent announcement from RSA Conference, the premier information security conference and exhibition in the world, the annual RSAC Innovation Sandbox Contest was won by Talon Cyber Security. Talon was chosen as the "Most Innovative Startup" by a distinguished panel of judges for developing a secure corporate browser that enables businesses to streamline their security processes while delivering a safer and better hybrid work experience. "It's a dream come true to be crowned the Most Innovative Startup. This is a testament to our strong technology, vision, and the importance of the widespread problem we have our sights set on solving, "says Ofer Ben-Noon, Co-Founder and CEO of Talon Cyber Security. "We understand that the road ahead will be challenging, but this honor validates that we have the team and ability to truly transform security programs for the future of work."

Talon’s secure enterprise browser can be used in a variety of mobile device use cases, including BYOD (bring your device), which allows companies up and down the supply chain to use personal smartphones owned by employees and contractors. Securely connecting frontline employees who often connect from mobile devices to business apps is a key use case that early adopters are tackling with us. These employees must continually be on the go, engage in direct physical contact with clients and coworkers, and use mobile devices to connect to specific apps to perform their duties. Owing to TalonWork Mobile, mobile workers have safe access to the company apps and data they need to perform their duties. "It's our obligation to the world to do something that brings value," adds Ben-Noon.

For a distributed workforce, modern cybersecurity must improve protection across an ever-expanding attack surface, be simple to administer and affordable, and offer a seamless user experience. With rock-solid cyber security and improved visibility provided by TalonWork, their secure and isolated browser-centric environment for enterprise-managed and unmanaged devices enables enterprises to embrace flexible, dynamic, and productive working practices. Distributed labor has permanently transformed company cybersecurity, much as cloud computing has altered software. Talon is leading the charge in leveraging this worldwide transition by developing a cutting-edge security strategy that supports the hybrid workforce.

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