Syniti: Advancing Data Governance to the Next Level

Kevin Campbell


“We know that poor quality data has significant business impacts – from millions in excess spare parts to failed data migration go-lives or trouble with regulations. Our solution is not just to find this bad data but to truly fix it and to sustain data excellence over time. We continue to see a strong demand from our customers for data quality help as they fully leverage new technology and improve their daily operations to save money and time,”

Data governance is a collection of processes, roles, standards, policies, and metrics that ensure an organization's effective and efficient use of information to achieve its goals. It establishes the functions and responsibilities that provide data quality and security across a business. Data governance outlines who, when and what when it comes to taking decision based on data. A streamlined data governance plan is crucial for any organization with data. Syniti, an enterprise data management solution provider, has developed solutions for the most complex data challenges worldwide by combining intelligent, AI-driven software and vast data expertise to obtain specific and superior business outcomes. Syniti’s enterprise data management platform is silo-free and supports data migration, quality, replication, master data management, data governance, analytics, and data strategy in a single, unified solution.

Syniti’s data management eliminates the cost, complexity, and sprawl of multiple data tools and vendors with the Syniti Knowledge Platform (SKP). It helps companies overcome complex enterprise data transformation challenges by integrating data expertise, packaged solution accelerators, and intelligent software to yield elite business outcomes. The software engages automation and guidance collected by AI and machine learning technologies for data migration, analytics, data quality, master data management, information governance, and metadata management initiatives. “Syniti supports your data governance, data quality, and data management needs within a single, unified platform. With industry-leading AI/ML-enhanced software, embedded best practices, and proven expertise, Syniti’s breaks down traditional silos and helps you put your data to work.”

The Syniti Knowledge Platform is connected via distributed processing to the preferred data environments and consists of a highly secure multi-tenant command and control area. It utilizes the lightweight and hyper-secure Syniti Connector, enabling full-cloud and hybrid-cloud implementations. Designed to stick to the most stringent security, privacy, and residency requirements of multi-national organizations, the users can control the data location no matter what. With Syniti, companies can expect data protection and speed.

There are many integrated modules within the platform. The data migration software drives projects forward with complete visibility and transparency, all the way to a go live. Syniti is a SAP platinum partner, and the software is resold by SAP as SAP Advanced Data Migration and Management by Syniti. Some other modules of Syniti Knowledge Platform include replication, data quality software, data matching software, master data management tool, catalog, governance software, and data jumpstart tools. The data governance tool is designed to help companies clarify the data governance business case with cloud-based business. It help business make outcome-focused assessments and can be optimized to master and govern the data in a single, unified data governance platform.

Syniti Data Intelligence Dashboards empower businesses to quickly and easily create reports, charts, and graphs that unlock the value of trusted data across the entire enterprise. With the platform, a manufacturing company could produce a dashboard to identify how data quality checks related to spare part duplicates correlate to key performance indicators such as downtime or cost savings. It also helps the users visually present stories based on actual data, illustrating how DataOps delivers measurable business outcomes.

Trustworthy data is the key to decision-making that reduces risk and drives bottom-line growth. Syniti delivers value faster by helping businesses align data with business objectives, rapidly amplify the value of data and identify measurable ROI. The Syniti Knowledge Platform enables seamless automation throughout the data quality workflow, offering all stakeholders the resources needed to easily access and interpret clean, trustworthy data and drive better business outcomes.

Recently, Syniti was again recognized as a Visionary in the 2022 Data Quality Solutions Magic Quadrant1 by Gartner. This is the second consecutive year Syniti has been named the same and the seventh year the company has been named in this report.

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