Spin Technology: Revolutionizing SaaS Data Protection

Dmitry Dontov

CEO & Founder

“SpinOne - all-in-one SaaS data protection premium platform for mission critical SaaS apps, is a combination of our four innovative offerings which include ransomware detection and response, apps discovery and risk assessment, data leak prevention, and data loss protection - all-in-one dashboard.”

Revolutionizing SaaS Data Protection
Ever since the adoption of the internet, businesses have been victims of large scale cyberattacks. Though there have been several initiatives and regulations to help businesses overcome the cybersecurity bottleneck, it has not been as effective as it should be. As the digital era is already at its peak, businesses are looking for a security service that could thoroughly evaluate third-party applications and provide actionable insight as well as find the most trusted ones. At this juncture, the pandemic doubled the number of cyberattacks those businesses are facing today.

Moreover, to adapt to the pressing need for a proper employee WFH environment with a reliable method to backup data, maintaining the high level of security are some of the most impending challenges. However, Spin Technology —a SaaS security solution provider—has been creating a difference for its customers with their cutting-edge security solutions. Spin Technology is revolutionizing the SaaS data protection industry by delivering the most innovative last line of defense for ransomware, granular apps security, and compliance-friendly backup solutions, with an all-in-one SaaS Data protection platform for mission-critical SaaS apps.

Headquartered in Palo Alto, Spin Technology is led by its CEO and Founder, Dmitry Dontov, a tech entrepreneur and cybersecurity expert with over 20 years of experience in the field. Dmitry has a strong engineering background in cybersecurity and cloud data protection, making him an expert in SaaS data security who has an ability to influence teams. “SpinOne - all-in-one SaaS data protection premium platform for mission critical SaaS apps, is a combination of our four innovative offerings which include ransomware detection and response, apps discovery and risk assessment, data leak prevention, and data loss protection - all-in-one dashboard.” explains Dontov.

Immediate Insights, Better Protection
SpinOne helps avoid or reduce downtime for SaaS environments with proactive security capabilities protecting data from ransomware and recovering it within just a few hours. In fact, SpinOne is a one-stop, real-time SaaS security solution that provides immediate insight into your SaaS-based applications. It is designed for cloud-first companies that combine Google Workspace, Microsoft Office 365, Salesforce, and other SaaS services to ensure their employees always have access to the most advanced cloud collaboration platforms. “Our algorithms detect ransomware patterns, identify the source of attack, and they revoke API access to the infected user to prevent encryption. Instead of encrypting 2 or 3 million files, we allow ransomware to encrypt only 100 to 300. As a result, we can easily and quickly recover those files from the last successful backup version. And that's how we reduce this downtime from a few weeks to two hours,” points Dontov.

SaaS applications are critical as modern collaboration platforms like Google Workspace and Microsoft Office 365 give the power of collaboration and communication tools. With more SaaS applications, the risk for a data breach and subsequent compliance failure grows. To help organizations deal with the rising SaaS based security challenges, Spin Technology offers innovative solutions that help businesses to protect against unsanctioned internal and external access to sensitive data. SpinOne improves security teams’ productivity, eliminates SaaS data access delays or errors, and cuts down on the noise of security alerts. SpinOne prevents team members from sharing sensitive information with unauthorized personnel, eliminating the risk of deliberate or unintended data breach. The company also offers application risk assessment techniques. “Application risk assessment helps organizations to mitigate zero-day attacks and saves a tremendous amount of time for SecOps teams. SpinOne identifies all risky applications that have access to your mission critical SaaS data and provides flexible security policies to automate Blocklisting and Allowlisting management,” explains Dontov.

SaaS Ransomware Protection As known, Cloud Ransomware is a type of sophisticated crypto-malware targeting cloud/SaaS environments that locks users out of their devices or prevents them from accessing SaaS data until a ransom is paid. Spin Technology helps tackle all these challenges. SpinOne is the agentless solution that provides a new standard in seamless, enterprise-grade protection against cloud ransomware and other sophisticated cyber threats. It delivers AI-driven, robust, and agile security controls that adapt to the complex nature of attacks and the evolving cloud ecosystem. In fact, SpinOne is changing how enterprise organizations protect their SaaS data from cloud ransomware attacks. SpinOne is the only product designed and built from the ground up to seamlessly integrate ransomware detection with domain monitoring, cloud-to-cloud backup, and restore. Moreover, the solution allows SecOps teams to monitor, detect, and stop in-progress ransomware threats, enabling automated recovery of affected data in hours, not weeks, with its single and intuitive dashboard and AI capabilities. SpinOne significantly reduces the impact of ransomware attacks with a low false-positive rate while improving cybersecurity posture, business continuity, and compliance.

Security and Compliance at its Best
Businesses of all sizes must be prepared to keep their SaaS data safe, track who accesses it, and know where it’s located at all times. When integrating a third-party application with a cloud SaaS environment, security teams have to consider the risks of granting external applications access to business-critical data and your cloud environment. Users can easily integrate risky third-party applications into cloud SaaS environments when no controls are in place. SpinOne offers a centralized and fully automated SaaS Security Platform that provides robust tools for cybersecurity and compliance management in a multi-cloud SaaS environment, including Google Workspace, Microsoft Office 365, and Salesforce. SpinOne provides automated SaaS application risk assessment and security scoring of SaaS applications and user behaviors, leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML).

The solution also allows organizations to audit user activity, review application utilization, data access, and the scope of permissions in real-time, and maintain records for compliance purposes. SpinOne monitors user activities to help stay compliant, so business operations don’t get interrupted and SaaS data remains secure. SpinOne’s unmatched knowledge of the SaaS application audit and assessment allows it to understand customers’ specific needs and requirements and solve the complex challenges facing them. “SpinOneprovides the fastest and most compliance friendly backup solution on the market. When it comes to compliance, our customers are able to choose any data centers in the world between AWS, GCP, and Azure, or process and store their data on their individual S3 bucket” says Dontov.

A Future of Innovation
Since opening its doors, Spin Technology has been on a mission to deliver cutting edge security solutions to its customers. The company today is building a multi-national profile while enhancing its offerings. The company Spin Technology announced a $16 million series A funding round. Among the participants are Bluprint Equity as a lead investor, Santa Barbara Venture Partners and Blu Venture Investors. In addition to the raise, Sheldon Lewis, Managing Partner at Blueprint Equity, Dan Hedden Managing Partner at Santa Barbara Venture Partners and Robert Struble Partner at Blu Venture Investors, will join Spin Technologys’ Board of Directors. The new capital will enable Spin Technology to further accelerate their rapid growth, continue expansion of Spin’s SaaS offerings and add core team members in engineering, sales and marketing. “We will be looking to expand to new markets, new regions in the future, that's for sure. We will also expand our SaaS offering on the one hand by adding as many SaaS applications as possible, including Salesforce and Slack as well,” concludes Dontov.

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