Skybox Security: More Security, Less Constraint

Skybox Security

Gidi Cohen, Founder & CEO

“We provide the intelligence and context to make informed decisions, taking the guesswork out of securely enabling your business at scale and speed.”

Recently, the storm was produced by massive scattered networks, decentralized, inconsistent configurations and change management procedures, hazardous cloud and network settings, and the continuous growth in vulnerabilities. Skybox Security is helping CISOs and CIOs stay ahead of these threats by providing greater visibility throughout their infrastructure, providing analytics and insights into possible compliance management exposures, and allowing them to make educated decisions about their future security strategy and initiatives.

The comprehensive security posture management platform from Skybox Security gives security, and IT teams total visibility, analytics, and automation so they can swiftly map, prioritize, and remediate risks throughout an enterprise. With Skybox, the security staff can now concentrate on the most crucial business activities while still protecting the company’s security. “Business and government leaders globally are leaning into the importance of proactively addressing cyber risk to prevent ransomware and supply chain attacks. Vulnerability Management is now taking center stage even at the top levels of government, as highlighted by the recent Biden Executive Order,” says Gidi Cohen, CEO, and founder, Skybox Security. “The criticality of preventative cybersecurity has become more than a fear of being held for ransom. Cybersecurity is now impacting the daily lives and safety of global citizens – even putting our water, food, and energy supplies at risk.”

The Skybox Security platform integrates with over 150 networking, security, cloud, IT management solutions, and various threat intelligence sources. It provides the critical context needed to break down organizational and information silos while providing a 360-degree view of hybrid facilities and visibility to emerging threats. Their unique susceptibility and policy management skills aid in the development of a robust and well-connected security posture management framework that encompasses planning, deployment, and ongoing change management processes. Skybox Security delivers more than just data and information; it also gives the knowledge and context needed to make educated decisions, removing the guesswork from safely allowing business at scale and speed. Skybox Security provides comprehensive visibility, analytics, and automation to help organizations swiftly map, prioritize, and remediate risks. Across all business networks and cloud settings, Skybox intelligently optimizes security policies, actions, and change procedures.

Skybox’s Vulnerability Control provides visibility across endpoints, servers, and network devices on the campus, in the data center, in the cloud, in IT, and in the OT environment. With a tailored and configurable risk score based on four distinct risk factors: asset importance, ex-vulnerability exploitability, CVSS score, and exposure analysis, you can zero in on the most significant risk vulnerabilities. Applying IPS signatures, firewall rules, security tags, configuration modifications, software upgrades, and patches are methods for reducing the most severe risk. “In an ideal world, remediation happens as soon as exposure is discovered. Skybox is making this possible,” says Cohen. “No other security software offering can provide the comprehensive and accurate prioritization, exposure analysis, and remediation options that do.” Security leaders can now make better decisions faster.”

Fortune 1000 businesses, significant financial institutions, energy and utility leaders, giant retailers, healthcare organizations, many federal agencies, and municipal governments were the new clients who deployed Skybox in 2020. Skybox’s Vulnerability and Threat Management Solution has also seen continuing growth, particularly in highly regulated, complicated areas like financial services and critical infrastructure. Existing happy customers expanded their installations, accounting for over 60% of revenues.

For more than a decade, the Skybox Research Lab has been at the forefront of studying the latest cyber vulnerabilities and threats in the business. By accessing insights on vulnerabilities, intelligence, and remediation choices in one unified source, Skybox can utilize this validated and up-to-date contextualized threat intelligence. Cohen concludes, “Skybox shifts the focus of security posture management programs from reactive to proactive, finding latent threats that are hiding in plain sight. Rather than trying to coordinate multiple, disparate security tools, enterprises need a single platform that can do this quickly and at scale with limited resources.”

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