SEON: Fighting Against Fraudsters

Tamas Kadar

Co-Founder and CEO

"SEON assists online companies in lowering the cost, time, and issues associated with the fraud. "

Cybersecurity and fraud management are the needs of the hour. Companies are facing many issues due to fraudsters. SEON  assists online companies in lowering the cost, time, and issues associated with fraud. Whether it’s a global financial giant or a tiny eCommerce start-up, the solution streamlines fraud control so that a company can focus on its development and growth. SEON’s experienced team of consultants and developers is working to make the internet a safer place for companies. Their specialty is predicting danger vectors. SEON is how they put together a unified solution for a company that combines simplicity of use, flexibility, and the capacity to solve difficult challenges in a straightforward manner. SEON strives to cut down on fraud-related expenditures, time, and resources. SEON modular fraud solutions adapt to the user’s company, with automated decision-making and faster manual reviews, whether they are global leaders or young start-ups.

With two key products, SEON’s products are designed around two core goals: to provide effective risk prevention and to give businesses freedom in how they fight fraud. The SEON Intelligence Tool is a data enrichment service that gathers open, social data points about a customer’s digital footprint. To speed up manual reviews and the risk management process, it may be utilized as a one-click Chrome plugin or through an API. The SEON Sense Platform is the company’s top-of-the-line end-to-end solution used to analyze users’ online behavior using velocity rules, software and hardware configuration using device fingerprinting, and enhance data in real-time using email, phone, and IP analysis, as well as social media profiling. Data is sent into an automated, machine-learning-based system that employs predictive risk assessment to automate decision-making and reduce manual review time. It is accessible, customizable by API, or a graphical user interface with complete team management capabilities.

SEON recently announced a collaboration with Playtech, a company that develops casino software. The online gambling business is growing, but it is also becoming a more attractive target for fraudsters; according to 2019 research, one out of every 20 online gaming accounts is linked to a criminal. By collaborating, SEON and Playtech want to dramatically lower this number. SEON will be integrated with Playtech’s IMS platform, allowing for data enrichment via email, phone, and IP analysis. The phone API combines data from several sources to verify identities and alert dubious individuals, including those with social media profiles. As a result, it helps and complements Playtech’s clients’ KYC checks. SEON’s CEO and co-founder, Tamas Kadar, says, “We’ve all seen the impact that the pandemic has had on fraud, and the gaming industry has been severely hit. That’s why it’s critical that companies prevent attacks from cybercriminals rather than deal with the fallout when it’s too late and why Playtech has made the move to integrate our Intelligence Tool as part of our ongoing partnership. We look forward to working together long into the future.”

At the core, the company’s focus is to develop a system that can easily be integrated at any online point of authentication. By combining ease of integration with a depth of functionality, the team today is able to provide a solution that can overcome the biggest hurdles of other solutions on the market.

According to SEON, all eCommerce enterprises, payment service providers, payment gateways, and purchase-now-pay-later suppliers should have access to fraud prevention. SEON’s clear and cost-effective pricing allows businesses of any size to connect to their systems and improve their fraud detection process. SEON is going above and beyond any other fraud protection firm by making its fraud detection technology available to the entire eCommerce marketplace throughout the world at one of the most lucrative and risky times of the decade. Their company was formed on the belief that fraud prevention should be accessible to all businesses: any organization, no matter how small or niche, should be able to conduct business online without losing a major portion of its earnings to criminals. SEON also knows that those criminals aren’t limited to huge corporations; they can attack any firm, regardless of size. When these criminals see more SEON-protected sites, and a higher percentage of their fraud attempts fail, SEON hopes the criminals give up, and SEON will be done with what has been a very tough time for businesses all over the world.

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