SECURITYHQ: Delivering Strategic Security and Peace of Mind

Feras Tappuni


“We are not just an alerting system sitting there monitoring for you, we also have the people that can make recommendations on the strategy of the function. We work as an extension of your team, to expose patters of illicit behaviour and reduce risks.”

Businesses across the globe are struggling to find the right talent and to have the right skills in place to feel comfortable using the technology. It is not just hard to find the talent to monitor the SIEM or monitor alerts, it is also hard to find the talent to have a strategic voice to support the strategy of the security function. On top of this, security technology is moving so fast, not everyone can keep up, or even knows what they need in the first place. It is hard for businesses to grasp all the tools and resources that are becoming available every day on the market, let alone all the buzzwords and services available. Companies don’t want someone who just sends alerts in the middle of the night, they want someone who can help them get from A to B, just like how SecurityHQ is helping its clients.

“We have a unique ability to say, we are not just an alerting system sitting there monitoring for you, but we also have the people that can make recommendations on the strategy of the function. We work as an extension of your team, to expose patterns of illicit behaviour and reduce risks,” says Feras Tappuni, CEO, SecurityHQ.

For about two decades, SecurityHQ has been a leader in the cyber security industry, and within this time, the company has expanded across the globe. Today, SecurityHQ has over 280 certified analysts available to customers on demand and Service Deliver Managers closely partnering with customers on an ongoing basis to ensure their needs are met. An important aspect to be pointed out is the company’s recent expansion into the U.S.

“Part of the reason for our expansion here was the acknowledgment that many businesses did not have their needs met by the providers available in the market. From conversations that I’m having in the U.S, many companies on the search for an MSSP are looking for the personal and advisory aspect of our services, and the strong relationships that we can build with our customers and partners, as an extension of their team. To bring the success that we have seen in other regions and see how it is applied and benefiting the U.S. market is very exciting,” extols Samantha Hunt, Business Development Manager, SecurityHQ.

By visualizing risky behavior and misconfigurations, target the threat at its source, SecurityHQ commits to providing complete visibility and peace of mind to its customers. Its 24/7 Detect and Response is delivered at a fraction of the cost of building a SOC in the house or DIY security team. With the capacity and capability to deliver bespoke services at scale, via combined threat intelligence and human experience, SecurityHQ providers rapid response with incident response playbooks, SOAR platform, and certified incident handlers to contain threats.

“We spend a lot of time evaluating what is new in the market, what is the best, and what is going to be the best for our clients. But it is not just about the technology, it is about the analysts and the SDMs and the human element that enhances our services,” adds Tappuni.

When it comes to the education sector, organizations need a boost in security posture, which SecurityHQ is keen to provide. According to the company, one of the issues with the education sector is that each university has a large number of endpoints, for both staff and students. Monitoring this vast number of logs coming from all of these endpoints, and student laptops both on and off the network poses a challenge with regards to the amount of control that can be put in place to keep devices secure. Another issue is that Universities hold a wealth of data, including Ph.D. and master’s research. If exposed, a breach could reveal sensitive, personal, and confidential information. Depending on the data targeted, a breach would be catastrophic, especially with regard to research in medicine and healthcare. SecurityHQ provides them with visibility across a massive and pretty dispersed environment, to make threats visible and to make recommendations on things that could also help them save money at the same time.

Soon, SecurityHQ plans to open more SOCs in locations around the world. With regards to the expansion in the U.S., the company will be helping areas with the greatest need, and the sectors that are being hit the hardest, or are most susceptible to threats.

“The fact that we are privately owned means that it is easier for us to be adaptable to clients’ specific needs, and we know that through this expansion there are different needs to what we have seen in different geographies. To meet those needs of our clients, we are constantly analyzing what we need to do and how to adapt our services and capabilities. As we go through this expansion, the development of services and solutions is something that we are thinking about and being flexible for our clients,” concludes Hunt.

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