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Matt Scheuing


"At SambaSafety, we are dedicated to using innovative technology and data-driven solutions to help organizations make better decisions and create safer communities,"

Any business will incur significant costs for risk management. To make sure that the risks associated with the firm are being managed effectively, several qualified individuals need to be hired and maintained. The cost can be substantial. Smaller businesses are frequently discouraged from implementing risk management because of the cost. The larger companies know that the benefits of risk management operations far outweigh the expenditures. One advantage of risk management is that it modifies an organization's culture. Organizations that place more of an emphasis on risk management are typically more proactive than other organizations, which may be reactive. Companies are forced by risk management to carefully examine each of their operational procedures and consider what may go wrong. Companies may predict potential problems and become more proactive by using this thorough what-if research.

Since 1998, SambaSafety has led the industry in driver risk management software. SambaSafety, which focuses on driver data, monitoring, and training, has been the industry leader in driver risk management for more than 20 years. Through the years accumulated vital information about the driving population through our vaulted archives. Patented technology and advanced workflow management deliver a full range of driver-centric solutions, from motor vehicle records and true continuous driver monitoring to driver policy enforcement and benchmarking. Through the collection, correlation, and analysis of multiple data sources, SambaSafety enables employers, fleet managers, and insurance carriers to reduce accidents and limit risk, ultimately improving driver and community safety.

One of the solutions they provide is monitoring, the procedure of having a company pull motor vehicle records (MVRs) once a year or more frequently is time-consuming and expensive, and it still doesn't give information on infractions that have occurred between draws. There is a better approach to managing the administrative load while monitoring your drivers almost instantly. Through ongoing MVR monitoring, one can quickly identify at-risk drivers when using the comprehensive driver risk management solution Qorta. Enroll such drivers with a click in the appropriate high-risk behavior training programs. Implementing proactive intervention strategies before drivers are imprisoned or cause an accident can assist your business in keeping its best employees while also safeguarding the community, employees, brand, and bottom line.

One of their products is Quorta, Companies frequently get motor vehicle records (MVRs) on an annual basis to identify high-risk drivers and take appropriate action. However, a lot can happen over the course of the remaining 364 days of the year, putting your business at risk. "At SambaSafety, we are dedicated to using innovative technology and data-driven solutions to help organizations make better decisions and create safer communities," says Matt Scheuing, CEO of sambaSafety.

The business may be conducted more effectively. The Qorta platform from SambaSafety provides the most complete driver risk management options in the market, enabling businesses to cut costs, ease administrative burdens, and guarantee that only the safest drivers are operating vehicles on their behalf. Receive automated alerts in almost real-time with continuous MVR monitoring when an employee receives a negative infraction like a speeding ticket, collision, license suspension, or DUI. With the click of a button, one can identify at-risk drivers and enroll them in specific training programs that address high-risk behavior before they are disqualified or involved in an accident. Direct MVR purchases through Qorta make it simple to acquire comprehensive driver-specific data. CSA data, MVR data, maintenance violations, tickets, medical certificates, and more are all available in one place to simplify fleet administration. By adjusting collision and claims ratings depending on what's essential to your business, you can digitize your driver policy and make it simpler to enforce. The administrative effort typically associated with extensive risk management is reduced via seamless human resources software integration and single sign-on capabilities.

Another product of Sambasafety is Volta, Volta reduces expenses and improves combined ratios using convenient software that brings life-changing efficiencies to the entire underwriting process. Giving a prospective consumer an accurate insurance quotation takes a lot of time, effort, and money when the wrong software isn't in place. That's why they created Volta: to lower total costs and improve combined ratios by assisting underwriters in risk assessment. Their products assist businesses in lowering risk and selecting drivers with the knowledge, ultimately enhancing employee and public safety. Businesses may change their corporate culture to become more proactive in spotting possible risks and taking action to minimize them by putting SambaSafety's solutions into practice. SambaSafety is a valued partner for companies in a variety of sectors because of its dedication to driver safety and risk management.

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