Riverbed - Solving Modern Cybersecurity Challenges


Daniel Smoot

President and CEO – Riverbed Technologies

“Riverbed is focused on fuelling our next phase of growth by delivering innovative and relevant technologies that help propel our customers’ businesses and enable them to capitalize on their digital and IT investments”

Keeping sensitive digital data hidden from cybercriminals who consistently lurk over like vultures is one of the most prominent challenges organizations face these days. Before a decade or so, a firewall or cyber security software would have done the job. But, today, as technology evolved, cyber-crimes have assumed an advanced posture which most businesses dread. Enterprises with modern applications migrating from the data centre to cloud and SaaS platforms face an uphill battle when it comes to cybersecurity. Despite heightened awareness, high-profile breaches continue to occur at alarming rates. Riverbed network security solutions provide the visibility to identify threats of all shapes and sizes, from campus to cloud. 

Riverbed enables its customers to visualize, identify and mitigate cybersecurity threats and accelerate the performance of any network for any application. Customers leveraging the Riverbed platform achieve new levels of business performance and operational agility and gain several capabilities that strengthen security postures. Riverbed’s full-fidelity flow and packet data enables the in-depth visibility and analytics to detect and investigate performance problems and security threats. 

The Riverbed channel ecosystem comprises a network of focused, dedicated and invested partners across the globe, including technology resellers, solution providers, value-added distributors, system integrators and outsourcers and service providers. The company delivers industry-leading end-to-end performance and visibility solutions for today’s modern enterprise architecture, leveraging a partner ecosystem that is profitable for the partner and rewarding for the customer.

Today, cybercriminals are constantly looking for new ways to beat organizational defences. That’s why every business need a network security solution that keeps its network secure and available. Riverbed NetProfiler Advanced Security Module transforms network data into security intelligence, providing essential visibility and forensics for broad threat detection, investigation, and mitigation. By capturing and storing all network flow and packet data across your enterprise, it delivers the crucial insights to detect and investigate advanced persistent threats that bypass typical preventative measures, as well as those that originate inside the network. Organizations can Leverage Riverbed’s full-fidelity flow and packet data to gain insight into network activity that indicates suspicious behavior. As a typical enterprise deals with 196 security threats each year, Riverbed helps to transform network data into actionable cybersecurity intelligence by leveraging by threat intelligence and security analytics.

Organizations have relied upon encryption to secure digital communications. SSL (Secure Socket Layer), TLS (Transport Layer Security), has been the preferred encryption protocol. Today, most customer network traffic is encrypted, with some estimating more than 90% of all digital traffic is encrypted. But encryption is a double-edged sword. On the positive side, encryption protects the customers’ most sensitive and critical data. At the same time, it blocks their ability to monitor and inspect network traffic, masking their ability to detect errant traffic patterns, bizarre behaviour and malicious threats.

Since its inception in 2002, Riverbed has helped the world’s largest organizations maximize the performance of their networks and applications so they can reach the full potential of their IT investments. Only Riverbed addresses performance and visibility holistically with best-in-class WAN optimization, network performance management, application acceleration and enterprise-grade SD-WAN. Riverbed’s cloud networking solution—which combines SD-WAN, WAN optimization and visibility, simplifies and automates connectivity across the enterprise while eliminating the trade-offs that often exist between security and performance.

  “Riverbed is focused on fuelling our next phase of growth by delivering innovative and relevant technologies that help propel our customers’ businesses and enable them to capitalize on their digital and IT investments fully. With leading end-to-end visibility and performance solutions, Riverbed is in a unique position to help business and government organizations as they modernize and secure their networks, accelerate cloud and SaaS migrations, and advance hybrid work environments as employees increasingly work from anywhere,” says Daniel Smoot, President and CEO, Riverbed.

There is no denying that the way we live, interact, and conduct business is increasingly digital and that organizations that fail to respond to this new paradigm risk becoming obsolete. That’s why organizations are leveraging disruptive technologies to accelerate the innovation of new software applications, create better customer experiences, and improve employee productivity. Apart from cybersecurity, Riverbed offers many other solutions, including Microsoft 365, Azure, Amazon Web Services and many more integrations and migrations. With 300+ technology patents and 99% fortune 100 companies as customers, Riverbed never fails to develop advanced solutions that solve the modern cybersecurity challenges organizations face. 

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