Reciprocity: Powerful Approach to Risk Management

Michael Maggio

CEO and Chief Product Officer

"Our vision is a world where risk is automatically identified and rapidly assessed in the context of a customer’s business objectives and can be communicated in a way that everyone can understand.”

Everybody thinks that cyber risk management has changed from being an IT issue to a business one. Security executives must change the way they explain risk to the board as a result of this change. Security executives need assistance translating risk into business terms that the board can use to make educated, strategic decisions to spur development, but the risk is difficult to articulate in the context of a commercial effort. Additionally, security teams are frequently viewed as a team that rejects ideas and initiatives due to risk, which inhibits growth and causes chances to be lost. At Reciprocity, they strive to elevate risk management from tactical "check the box" activity to something more beneficial to the organization and the security team. Reciprocity is leading the way in a ground-breaking method of tying an organization's risk to its business strategy. Security leaders can advise key stakeholders about the direct impact of risk on high-priority business activities using the fully integrated and automated Reciprocity ROARTM Platform, enabling them to make better-informed choices.

Reciprocity equips organizations with one of the most intuitive and powerful information security and cyber risk management solutions in the market. Powered by the Reciprocity ROAR Platform and supported by the new Reciprocity Community, the team help businesses realize the fastest time-to-value and foster in-house expertise.

The Reciprocity ROAR Platform measures risk and illustrates how it affects business initiatives. Assigning a value to risk evaluated at the program level makes it easier to justify various expenditures, connect expenses with the real value produced, show ROI, and notify boards of the company's risk posture. Security executives have the chance to become more than merely corporate guardians and establish themselves as more useful, strategic team members. Reciprocity can assist them by providing the business context necessary for them to communicate risk to their board in a way that is simple to comprehend and actionable. The risk environment for businesses in the IT and technology sectors is continuously changing. The rate of technology advancement is accelerating, and with it the demand on regulatory agencies to take action against rising cyber risks. Additionally, tech service providers that are required to follow third-party risk controls will inevitably be subject to their clients' regulatory responsibilities. Planning, implementing, and monitoring compliance and risk become more important as a result. The most economical and successful option, however, may include some assistance from a GRC management platform that combines automation due to the complexity of frameworks and compliance standards. Reciprocity's ZenGRC platform gives the security and compliance teams a unified, integrated experience that identifies information security issues throughout an organization and offers practical advice for risk mitigation. By utilizing automation, one can simply integrate the current toolkit, decrease or eliminate manual tasks, and achieve risk and compliance goals more quickly and accurately.

A compliance and audit management system called Reciprocity ZenComply offers a quicker, simpler, and smarter route to compliance by doing away with tiresome manual procedures, speeding up onboarding, and keeping the organization informed about the development and efficacy of the programs. Reciprocity ZenRisk and the Reciprocity ROAR platform offer seamless integrations that give a unified, real-time view of risk and compliance. This view gives one the contextual insight one needs to make wise, strategic decisions that keep their company secure and win the trust of their clients, partners, and employees. "Our vision is a world where risk is automatically identified and rapidly assessed in the context of a customer’s business objectives and can be communicated in a way that everyone can understand. With our ROAR platform, companies can easily see, understand, and take action on their IT and cyber risks to quickly identify what is driving cyber risk for the business," says Michael Maggio, CEO and Chief Product Officer for Reciprocity.

With hands-on installation support, specialized user training, and expert advice, Reciprocity's Product Implementation Expert team positions businesses for success. This helps them make the most of the ZenGRC platform now, tomorrow, and for years to come. Their mission to reimagine business also aligns with the aspirations and interests of each member of the team. Reciprocity directly participates in both local and global society and gives to a variety of causes, including community development, child welfare, and health care.

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