Radware: Securing the Hybrid World

Roy Zisapel


“Utilizing a patented keyless SSL protection technology, Radware keeps applications protected while maintaining user data confidentiality and compliance with privacy regulations”

The cybersecurity landscape has fundamentally changed with cyberattacks and advanced security threats on the rise. Reports by leading tech companies state that hackers launch an average of 50 million password attacks every day. Moreover, as the world is moving to the hybrid environment, security continues to be a number one priority for customers, especially as businesses across the globe are in transition from remote work to hybrid. To truly meet this challenge, businesses across the industry should also transform their security architecture. Organizations require state-of-the-art, security solutions that protect applications across hybrid environments and enable agility, just like how Radware is securing its clientele.

Most organizations run applications across a combination of on-premises, private cloud and public clouds with multi-cloud settings and a unique mix of platforms. This creates a challenging hybrid computing environment which must be managed and secured. Radware SecurePath is a revolutionary application security architecture that is designed specifically for protecting hybrid, cloud application environments while maintaining consistent, high-grade and comprehensive protection for applications regardless of where they are deployed.

Protecting the Cloud

Organizations running multi-cloud deployments are frequently forced to run multiple application security tools, each of which protects only a portion of their applications. The result is security ‘silos’ across different platforms, with inconsistent application security, varying levels of protection, fragmented logging and reporting, and disparate management. Radware SecurePath architecture addresses the unique challenges of multi-cloud application protection while enhancing security and reducing complexity. Radware provides the industry’s best application security, combining WAF, bot management, API protection and DDoS protection using a positive security model based on advanced machine-learning algorithms.

Radware’s architecture can uniquely protect applications regardless of where they are hosted, allowing for consistent, high-grade protection with uniform security policies. Moreover, the solution’s application security architecture can be deployed either as “inline” SaaS service or as an API-based out-of-path SaaS service, enabling coverage of any data center and cloud platform with minimal latency and avoiding any interruptions to uptime and availability. Radware’s unified security portal offers granular management of all applications, regardless of where they are deployed, for full cross-cloud visibility from within a single dashboard.

Adaptive and Powerful Security

Applications are at the core of every business – from sophisticated e-commerce engines to cloud-based productivity solutions and personal tools on mobile phones. Applications are the primary revenue generators, growth and retention engines, and the main customer engagement platform. Radware’s industry-leading WAF, bot management, API protection, and application DDoS protection services are a one-stop-shop for all application security needs, providing you with state-of-the-art application and API protection (WAAP) that doesn’t roadblock business agility and growth. No matter how many different environments, the applications are deployed on, Radware SecurePath, an innovative API-based cloud architecture, will maintain a consistent, top-grade, comprehensive application security across any cloud with centralized visibility and management. In fact, with Radware’s Application Protection-as-a-Service, organizations can easily manage and scale application security as businesses grow and evolve application architecture and expand cloud environments and services.

The solution is compatible with any application architecture, Radware protects digital assets and customer data in all environments, be it on-premise, virtual clouds, private clouds, public clouds, hybrid environments and Kubernetes. It detect and distinguish between ‘good’ bots and ‘bad’ bots to protect websites, mobile apps and APIs. Moreover, the solution easily optimize and customize bot management policies to provide a better user experience and drive more ROI from application traffic. This way, businesses stay protected against 150+ known attack vectors, including the OWASP Top 10 Web Application Security Risks, Top 10 API Security Vulnerabilities and Top 21 Automated Threats to Web Applications.

As API attacks are a rapidly growing threat to business applications and customer data, Radware combines behavioral analysis and policy automation to protect your evolving API matrix from increasingly sophisticated API assaults. Radware’s unique positive security model stops unknown threats in their tracks. Radware’s machine-learning analysis engine continuously studies application traffic and end-user behavior to build security policy that reduces exposure to zero-day attacks by 99%. Radware’s DDoS protection technologies provide the shortest time to detection and mitigation of HTTP-based DDoS assaults. Utilizing a patented keyless SSL protection technology, Radware keeps applications protected while maintaining user data confidentiality and compliance with privacy regulations.

Ensuring Availability and Accessibility

Service availability is the cornerstone of the digital experience. Downtime leads to lost revenue, reputational damage and unsatisfied customers. Data center protection whether on premise or cloud based, has never been more critical. Ensure service availability with agile industry-leading DDoS protection solutions which use automated and behavioral-based technologies to mitigate the largest, most complex DDoS attacks. Radware’s patented, behavioral-based algorithms automatically block the most advanced threats in real-time, including Burst and DNS attacks, Encrypted SSL Floods, IoT botnets, Ransom DDoS and more. The solution also comes with multi-layered protection with real-time threat intelligence to maximize service availability and legitimate user experience. Whereas, Radware Cloud DDoS Protection Service is backed by a network of 16 scrubbing centers worldwide with 10Tbps of mitigation capacity. Radware’s scrubbing centers are globally connected in full mesh mode, using Anycast-based routing for maximum user experience and minimum latency.

What makes the company unique is the emergency support team that’s ready to assist anytime of the day. The company provides an Emergency Response Team with 120 security experts serving as focal point for best practices, strategy, alerts and support throughout any attack. Radware’s ERT offers fully managed services allowing organizations to leave all security aspects up to the experts.

The Hybrid Transition and Security

Transitioning to the cloud makes managing and securing applications difficult, and in an app-driven world, ensuring application availability and performance are critical for ensuring the digital experience. Application delivery and security services (ADC) are the foundation for keeping these applications and environments secure and available and providing a competitive differentiator for your business.E-commerce engines, mobile applications and migration to the cloud can all sap the performance of applications. But the real silent killers of application performance are cyberattacks, which is why comprehensive application protection must now include web application firewalls (WAF), API protection and bot management to ensure applications stay secure.

Today, Radware is on a constant quest to deal with the rising cybersecurity challenges that are creating chaos across every business space. Radware Alteon’s integrated application protection suite provides comprehensive protection for applications via a single platform across all supported hardware, virtualized and cloud environments. It provides and/or integrates with an array of security capabilities. Specifically, its enterprise-grade WAF provides protection from the OWASP Top 10, advanced attack protection and zero-day attack mitigation.

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