Proofpoint: Protecting People and Defending Data

Ashan Willy


“We give chapter and verse on that to all our clients so that they can take advantage of that to improve their security posture.”

The most pressing problem at the moment is the risk of data theft and cyberattacks. Email security, data loss prevention, electronic discovery, and email archiving are all services and solutions offered by Sunnyvale, California-based Proofpoint, Inc., an American business security firm. The Proofpoint Protection Server (PPS) for medium and large enterprises was the company's initial offering. It used patented machine learning algorithms to reliably identify spam email, utilising 10,000 distinct criteria to distinguish between spam and genuine email. This was referred to as "MLX Technology." Spam became a primary commercial goal as the company joined dozens of other anti-spam software suppliers in a revenue opportunity spurred by an exponential rise in spam volume that was endangering employee productivity. In order to address various aspects of email security, Proofpoint provides software, or SaaS. The Proofpoint Messaging Security Gateway is their flagship product. A web-based programme called the Messaging Security Gateway provides spam protection based on user-defined rules, dynamically updated definitions, anti-virus scanning, and programmable email firewall rules.

Products in Proofpoint's security portfolio defend against socially engineered attacks, such as business email compromise (BEC) and credential phishing, as well as traditional assaults (delivered via malicious files and URLs). In order to identify possible risks, it combines sandbox analysis, reputational analysis, automated threat data, human threat intelligence, and factors like sender-recipient connection, headers, content, and more. Automated encryption, data loss prevention, and forensics collection technologies are made to hasten incident response, reduce expenses and harm from any attacks that do get through, and speed up incident response. Protection from malicious mobile applications, rogue Wi-Fi networks, and social media account takeovers are all included in the portfolio. As part of the Proofpoint Intelligent Compliance family of products, Proofpoint Discover is a recommended add-on for Proofpoint Archive. It offers advanced features that help modernize the orchestration of response to e-discovery requests. It helps visualize results as it relates to search criteria while it automates the mundane task of search and review.

The use of proofpoint intelligent supervision greatly shortens audit times and speeds up FINRA, SEC, and IIROC compliance reviews. Large financial services businesses can react to regulatory audit requests and identify compliance problems with ease because of Proofpoint's native support for email, social media, and corporate collaboration platforms. Proofpoint Intelligent Supervision decreases the amount of time needed for compliant communications by integrating context-aware detection rules with its patent-pending Deep Social Linguistic Analysis detection. Reviewers can more quickly and precisely identify infractions across a wide range of communication and data formats.

The newest machine learning system created by researchers at the Proofpoint Anti-Spam Laboratory, MLX technology, is a component of the Proofpoint Protection Server. Scientists and engineers at the Proofpoint laboratory examine a dynamic corpus of millions of spam messages that reflect the whole spectrum of spam messages that are delivered into business email settings. They combine hundreds of thousands of parameters associated with spam and non-spam using advanced technologies and experience. By revealing the fundamental traits of existing spam assaults and spotting new ones, this methodology foresees spam attacks in the future. "We want to tell customers who‘s being targeted, how they’re being targeted, and who they are being targeted by," Ashan Willy, CEO of Proofpoint, says. "We give chapter and verse on that to all our clients so that they can take advantage of it to improve their security posture."

The goal of Proofpoint's compliance products is to minimise the manual work required to identify potentially sensitive data, manage and supervise it in accordance with industry and government regulations, and quickly produce it in response to legal e-discovery requests. The digital risk products from Proofpoint are intended for businesses that want to prevent cybercriminals from misrepresenting their brand to hurt clients, business partners, and the brand's reputation. Authentication technology is included in its email digital risk portfolio to stop email domain spoofing. It prevents scams where criminals pose as customer service representatives on social media to track down people looking for assistance and con them into giving up account information or visiting a malicious website. Additionally, it discovers fake mobile apps that are disseminated through mobile app stores. By linking content, behaviour, and risks, Proofpoint ultimately stops data loss caused by negligent, hacked, and malevolent insiders.

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