Patriot One Technologies: Smart Threat Detection Solutions

Peter Evans


"With SmartGateway and our other industry-leading screening solutions, we are providing further innovations to automate processes, provide insights, and allow venue operators to optimize their staff more efficiently."

Current technology necessitates the intended subject's involvement and compliance. Perimeter controls in a permanent installation at a secure institution require an expensive operator crew and can be bypassed during a dedicated assault. Individual screening using millimeter bandwidth scans is time-consuming, prone to operator mistakes or false-positive findings, and raises privacy concerns. The continued deployment of large stationary detection equipment, which is expensive and sluggish, will ultimately transfer threats to "softer" and less secure sites. Patriot One's developing PATSCAN Platform of threat detection products makes the difference. Their comprehensive solutions, which are based on a highly powerful artificial intelligence (AI) platform, can identify a wide range of threats, including firearms and crowd disturbances, as well as automatically monitor perimeter security and analyze growing community health concerns. Physical Multi-Sensor Gateway towers and a patented Video Recognition System are used in their threat detection systems, which may be readily connected with any existing security system. Patrons will have an uninterrupted experience owing to unobtrusive sensors and undetectable screening techniques that eliminate the need to go through metal detectors or suffer physical searches. Artificial intelligence is used to identify, assess, and notify safety personnel of security and health threats in real-time.

Based on market research and end-customer requirements, Patriot One recognized a crucial need to extend the perimeters of today's public gathering areas and venues for greater weaponry and even health and safety threat detection as their efforts proceeded. They found that due to environmental or architectural characteristics at a specific location, a single solution may not provide optimal cost-effectiveness or address all of a property's safety and security demands in addressing the very real and rising active threat phenomenon. With the help of its workers, stockholders, and security integration partners, Patriot One set out on a quest to become the global leader in covert threat detection with the help of its people. Since its inception in 2016, the company has gathered a diverse set of technologies and specialized components to construct a layered, multi-sensor threat detection strategy. Patriot One now provides an increasing range of threat detection systems and components to provide the safest access control environment possible, from parking lots to building interiors, and everywhere people and communities congregate.

Patriot One Technologies has introduced a new set of AI-powered technologies and capabilities that it claims would provide security venue operators a new approach to making data-driven, intelligent judgments regarding overall security requirements and vulnerabilities. According to the company, Facility Reporting, Facility Insights, and Customizable Alerting will provide a holistic view of the venue using real-time statistics, allowing operators to optimize staffing and tailor the solution to their unique needs to protect patrons and staff while also improving the overall patron experience. "We’re excited to introduce Facility Reporting to our customers, to aid them in making staffing and operations decisions based on real-time data," says Peter Evans, CEO of Patriot One. "With Facility Insights, our customers can get an integrated view in real-time, make data-driven decisions during an event and analyze patterns over time between events," Evans adds.

The PATSCAN Multi-Sensor Covert Threat Detection Platform is the next generation of software and sensor component technology designed to be deployed secretly as a layered multi-sensor platform to identify and neutralize active threats before they happen. The PATSCAN PLATFORM presently includes award-winning PATSCAN RADAR covert gun and knife detection sensor technology, the newest PATSCAN VIDEO threat identification software, and PATSCAN MULTI SENSOR threat detection, all packaged as a fully integrated AI-managed security solution. All of Patriot One’s threat detection systems share patented networked cognitive and machine learning technologies and are designed for cost-effective deployment in weapons-restricted sites.

Its mission as Patriot One Technologies is to establish a world free of acts of violence against fellow people. They've established themselves as the leading proponents of touch-free threat detection solutions and producers of sophisticated safety systems for high-traffic venues thanks to industry-leading technology and targeted scientific research. "Our customers’ needs became our roadmap – a checklist from those organizations to maximize their outcomes, and as a key step to achieving the required approvals to deploy our technology," concludes Evans. "With SmartGateway and our other industry-leading screening solutions, we are providing further innovations to automate processes, provide insights, and allow venue operators to optimize their staff more efficiently."

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