OwnBackup: Securing Your Data

Sam Gutmann

CEO and Co-Founder

“The vision of OwnBackup is to build a platform that allows an enterprise to backup, protect, and manage compliance of all of their SaaS data”

In today’s world data is a necessity for businesses to move forward, so it makes a lot of sense to have a backup of data collected, stored, and organized in a way that is accessible to everyone in an organization. With over one million users or customers, OwnBackup proactively prevents businesses from losing mission-critical data and metadata with automated backups and rapid, stress-free recovery.

When dealing with data it becomes necessary for the organizations or businesses to ensure that sensitive data is encrypted and coded so that details regarding location and other demographics remain safe. More importantly, the transaction details or other assets should remain confidential as it is pertaining to a specific person. Countries all over the world are strengthening or making laws regarding data protection such as the GDPR Act which is followed in Europe and much such legislation exists which should be followed by the companies to ensure compliance with business and legal matters. So how can it be done, OwnBackup team has a unique solution: Sandbox data which is essentially a part of the production data; it’s likely to contain confidential information that could be accessed by many people during development, testing, and training. With Enhanced Sandbox Seeding, we can apply custom templates to mask sensitive information before it is seeded to its destination.

Accessibility to data stored is also a major hurdle that often slows down the workflow. Eradicate these hiccups by shifting to superior technology by the OwnBackup team. They can help you with disruptions whether it’s caused by human error, integration errors, bad code, or lost or corrupted data. Avoid an embarrassing situation by asking the right questions now rather than after a data loss. How long can we afford to be without our data? If our SaaS platform were temporarily unavailable, could we access our data? With OwnBackup, you can answer these questions confidently and avoid major disruption to your business.

Transformation is a challenging process but with OwnBackup teams can accelerate the pace with which projects get completed. Simple things like integrations and new functionality options will help to transform projects for different types of business. However, they also involve risks like accidental data loss and corruption, which, if unnoticed, can grind these projects to a halt while trying to recover the missing data. Any successful digital transformation relies on accurate and available data. Implementing OwnBackup’s backup and recovery solution, along with sandbox seeding, enables organizations to eliminate data downtime.

As Sam Gutmann, CEO and Co-Founder at OwnBackup says 'No company operating in the cloud should ever lose data.' The vision of OwnBackup is to build a platform that allows an enterprise to backup, protect, and manage compliance of all of their SaaS data. As businesses continue down the path of digital transformation, it is vital that they have the solution in place that allows them to transform confidently and securely in the cloud.”

Maintaining business continuity if the unexpected happens is something that is essential for that not only business organizations by also individuals as most the things today are digitally linked with each other. In order to provide connected experiences across channels and departments, companies store extensive data within their CRM platforms. If this data is lost, it can impact the entire company with increased labor costs, data recovery fees, lost reputation, revenue impact, compliance fines, and loss in productivity. It’s never been clearer that data resilience is a critical component of overall business resilience. That’s why organizations should be able to back up, archive, and recover valuable information with a cloud data protection platform like OwnBackup.

When data is being archived for a longer period of time it becomes necessary to schedule the automatic removal of obsolete data. It must be purged as per the guidelines of the local organization, and internal policies and in accordance with the government regulations.

It is also necessary to restore records if it gets deleted by mistake either technical or human. Restore records one at a time or in bulk, designate users to view archived data and files directly within Salesforce, and set privileges to allow specific users to recover records for archives. These and many such features will make OwnBackup an ideal tool for business.

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