Orion Governance: Leverage Automation to Improve Data Governance and Drive Faster Business Decisions

Ramesh Shurma


“EIIG offers the most comprehensive knowledge graph in the industry and natively integrates key capabilities such as data lineage, data catalog, and metadata analytics in one single product”

Now more than ever, enterprises are striving to be data-driven to unlock the value out of data, their most important assets. However, there is a huge roadblock in their way—lack of automated data governance. When there is no single source of truth due to data silos; when data quality is questionable and data trustworthiness wanting; and when processes and applications of policies, rules, roles, and standards rely on manual efforts and are thus prone to errors and inefficiencies, a data-driven transformation remains largely a pipedream. Fortunately, a solution like Orion Governance’s Enterprise Information Intelligence Graph (EIIG) can help address these challenges.

With the EIIG platform, Orion disrupts the technology for data management, data governance, and DataOps by providing a self-defined data fabric. EIIG automatically collects all forms of metadata, be it technical, business, operational, or social, and builds a catalog automatically based on these facts of the data assets. This bottom-up, fact-based approach is essential to a self-defined data fabric with discoverable, trusted, and reusable data. “EIIG offers the most comprehensive knowledge graph in the industry and natively integrates key capabilities such as data lineage, data catalog, and metadata analytics in one single product,” says Ramesh Shurma, Founder and CEO, Orion Governance.

EIIG breaks down data silos in two major ways. First, with the comprehensive knowledge graph, EIIG offers a centralized view of all enterprise data from different departments. Secondly, EIIG fixes the broken data lineage through different systems. With its support of 60+ technologies, ranging from the mainframe, DBMS, big data sources, cloud-based technologies, business glossaries, ETL tools, BI reporting tools, to programming languages, EIIG enables enterprises to trace data flow through various systems, be it PL/1 code in the mainframe, RPG in AS/400, or Python frameworks for ETL jobs. The outcome is an establishment of a single source of truth, a foundation for effective data governance.

By breaking down data silos, EIIG also breaks down the data quality information silos since enterprise users now can see such information in a centralized knowledge graph as well. Determine data quality and aggregate all data quality information in the same knowledge graph. They can identify data owners, validate data quality via end-to-end data lineage, and trace and document changes in data quality. Orion has built extensions for popular BI tools such as Tableau and Qlik. Users can get directly from a BI report key insights such as quality score and trust score. If they prefer, they can dive into EIIG platform to see the data lineage of the data assets used in the report they are viewing. Powered with these capabilities, enterprises are in a much better position to understand the quality of data at every step throughout the entire data pipeline, from source to target, visually and dynamically. Such propagation of data quality and trust thus empowers business users to leverage high quality data to gain insights and make the right decisions more quickly.

Furthermore, enterprises can greatly enhance their data governance program with EIIG’s AI/ML-powered automation. Once metadata is automatically ingested in EIIG, everybody with permission can view the enterprise data flow in a knowledge graph with total data transparency and end-to-end traceability. Data ownership is easily identified, and Shadow IT is no longer out of control. EIIG also offers deep data cataloging capabilities including automatic mapping of business terms to technical assets. For example, GDPR glossaries can be mapped to related data assets for compliance. Instead of a data steward’s manual efforts, EIIG can automatically apply quality and business policies/rules. For data privacy managers, they can tag all PII assets by a single click. EIIG enables automatic discovery, thorough understanding of, easy access to, and trust in data. All personas or data consumers can gain insights from their perspectives with the same data assets. Since data is presented transparently in a knowledge graph, collaboration among team members becomes much easier and more productive. Since EIIG automates many of these processes, enterprises can improve the communication and data flow between data owners, curators, managers, and consumers. In this way, EIIG greatly facilitates data governance.

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