Octopus: The Next Generation of Command and Control PSIM System

Tal Bar Or

Founder & CEO

"The Octopus System can also integrate and monitor IoT networks to verify that they have enforced secure measures, such as authentication and use of unique keys, and use of encrypted protocols and secure handshakes."

The modern security officer must oversee a variety of security systems from various manufacturers and produce an accurate situational picture from various data sources. Due to the absence of integration and cross-referencing, security management becomes time-consuming and expensive, and it becomes challenging to make quick and informed security choices. By integrating the many security devices and information systems into a single converged platform, the OCTOPUS PSIM Command & Control Center eliminates guesswork from any security administration. A group of seasoned security and technology specialists created OCTOPUS Systems in 2013 intending to develop a new breed of intelligent, agile, and simple-to-install command and control software systems. Mobile applications and a sophisticated Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) system from OCTOPUS are providing customers with solutions for a range of vertical sectors. The OCTOPUS system, which is a unified and convergent platform, combines humans, processes, and technology into a single command and control center, allowing a firm to efficiently manage all security activities from a single screen.

For large businesses with critical facilities, the PSIM (Physical Security Information Management) is an advanced and innovative system for command-and-control of all information security, safety, and building management and operations. Everything is managed from a single location via a cutting-edge user interface in a unified, secure, and encrypted manner. The Octopus System is a security management system that combines all currently developed or offered separately on the market software components into a single package. The system is adaptable and built on an open architecture with cutting-edge algorithms for integrating third-party systems and components. It also uses a highly sophisticated, user-friendly interface and has a wide range of mobile apps that are all securely maintained. Across Israel and the rest of the world, critical infrastructure and large businesses, including government ministries, smart cities, police forces, armies, major banks, energy companies, ports, security companies, communications companies, smart building management companies, etc., are already using the proposed system.

At least 60% of cyberattacks, according to recent studies, are carried out by insiders. Whether such assaults are deliberate or not, this statistic shows that businesses must carefully evaluate and close both internal and external vulnerabilities; a study shows that 25% of insider cyberattacks include unintentional actors and 75% have malevolent intent. Organizations may access all of their physical and IT devices with Octopus' Advanced Cyber Security Event Management to meet their local or global situational awareness demands from a single, integrated solution. In comparison to other platforms on the market, the platform provides organizations with a comprehensive view (360o-view) of cyber events that may affect their operations and data. Its integration capabilities of physical and IT devices span more than 300 integration possibilities, and Octopus continues to increase this number.

Enterprises can receive cyber security threats in real-time and equip CISO/CERT with the necessary SOPs to manage attacks with the help of Octopus' Advanced Cyber Security Event Management, allowing an organization to respond more quickly and capably from anywhere, any device, and at any time. To concentrate organizational reactions and boost efficiency, incidents are prioritized according to severity. Octopus features more than 35 modules, including an eLearning module that guards against insider threats from unintentional employees and insiders. Furthermore, Octopus enables enterprises to analyze insider and device activity to predict cyber risks before they occur. The Octopus Cyber Agent gathers and aggregates logs from any source so CISO/CERT can do unified forensics and analysis, speeding up the investigation and enabling effective automated or manual response to a cyber attack. "IoT helps businesses to be more connected and gain competitive advantage. Access to IoT data leads to better decision making, thus resulting in more efficiency, performance, and reduced costs, " says Tal Bar-Or, Founder and CEO, of Octopus.

The OCTOPUS fleet management system also enables simple route creation and assignment for the company's fleet, complete with geo-located checkpoints, to ensure that the vehicles arrive at their destinations on time. Through the mobile application, different predetermined routes may be readily transmitted to the trucks each day. The driver can launch navigation software directly from the application thanks to the navigation instructions included in the sent routes. They provide a third-party GPS car tracking solution that OCTOPUS can interface with. With the OCTOPUS car GPS integration, one can monitor the whereabouts of a vehicle as well as any unusual behavior, such as a vehicle that has stopped moving, an engine that has been switched off, or even erratic driving and speeding. Bar-Or concludes that "the Octopus System can also integrate and monitor IoT networks to verify that they have enforced secure measures, such as authentication and use of unique keys, and use of encrypted protocols and secure handshakes."

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