NUTS Technologies: Privacy is the natural state of being human

Yoon Auh


"Data is everything. Protect the data. Protect everything. "

People are innately private. Thoughts, dreams, and ideas occur in your mind first before they can be consciously communicated orally or in writing. Traditionally, writing these thoughts in a locked diary or confiding in someone are just a few examples of how people try to preserve their privacy.

In today’s world, the internet has drastically changed how we can communicate private information. Today’s digital world has become a replica of the real world where people can freely express their thoughts, politics, dreams and more. But at the cost of giving up control of your own information to use these services for convenience. Generally, people expect that information provided to companies will remain private. Unfortunately, that is rarely the case.

Not only do many online companies gather personal data, aggregate it, and sell it to brokers, but companies mine the private information that people store on commercial cloud computers.

Why is that?
Personal ideas, private messages, trade secrets, M&A deal information, Board meeting notes and messages, anything you deem to be sensitive and want to keep private is stored on systems outside of your control and managed by third parties who are faceless and unaccountable.

Why can’t we utilize the power of our own devices and networks to achieve the same thing and commoditize these services?
We asked these very questions and the solution that came out is a bit nutty.
Yoon Auh started NUTS Technologies to answer these very same questions. Instead of providing another product to fit a specific use case, he focused on finding a solution that protects what matters most...data. It begins by protecting you, the individual, the small business, the groups that may not have the time, budget, or IT resources to protect and manage data properly.

So, a novel technology was born that we call a nut. A nut is our Zero Trust Data framework, and it is designed to protect dataat-all-times, anywhere, and to always enforce data ownership. While other solutions create defensive perimeters around data, we decided to provide data with its own security like body armor for data.

Our first product based on the zero-trust nut structure is an application we call the Nut Manager and a service called the NUTS Ecosystem. It automates the protection, storage, recovery, and management of your documents and communications to reduce risks like data leakage and cyber-attacks on unprotected data, and reduce costs by removing unneeded processes, administrators, support, and training.

It provides many capabilities right out of the box like an easy-to-use UI, automated encryption with a drag-and-drop, automated decryption with a simple double-click, automated managed data backups, a threat detector for automated recovery, automated sharing between trusted groups removing dependencies like emailing unsecured attachments or dropping them in a cloud share and more. Typically, these capabilities would require a typical user to sign up for multiple services and learn to use each product which may or may not work together well.

The hidden value in these capabilities is that the nut honors and enforces data ownership. This means that you, the data owner, can enforce access controls, metadata, classifications, and conditions as to how someone can interact with your information. These protective zero-trust attributes travel with the nut anywhere it is sent; on-premises, cloud, local, on the road, or even in air-gapped systems extending your ownership beyond your own systems.

Our mission is to provide digital protection for everyone, not just for the technical savvy or the organizations with deep budgets. Making it simple to use is a key to getting everyone protected.

Our mission starts with you. We are approaching digital privacy from the ground up where it needs to begin. We need help in seeding the ground to provide the privacy everyone deserves.

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