Nisos: Navigating the Novel Cybersecurity Realms



Nisos is a Managed Intelligence company that offers corporate security, cyber security, and trust and safety teams to leverage a top-notch intelligence capability tailored to the customer needs.

Cybersecurity is a crucial business requirement, providing a secure base to transform and support the business irrespective of size. Digital technology now powers and empowers enterprises like electricity did during the industrial revolution. It also has the ability, if insufficiently secured or resilient, to interrupt communications and disrupt supply chains. A single data breach or malware attack can incapacitate real-time transactions and network interactions, ultimately disrupting business and impacting revenue growth for days, if not weeks and months. Identifying this humungous opportunity in the cybersecurity realm, Nisos, a Managed Intelligence company, curated modern solutions to solve contemporary problems.

The services offered by Nisos enable corporate security, cyber security, and trust and safety teams to leverage a top-notch intelligence capability tailored to their needs. They integrate solid data collection with a clear understanding of the adversarial mindset and deliver more competent defense and more effective responses against advanced cyber attacks, disinformation, and abuse of digital platforms. The Cyber Intelligence solution from Nisos is designed to conduct intelligence analysis using outside-the-firewall telemetry to bring context to the network security. It leverages tier-3 expertise while increasing visibility and allows the users to find and manage corporate data leakage and leaked assets through internal domain leakage, certificate and domain abuse, and leaks to third-party code repositories.

By interfacing with the customers’ security operations and threat-hunting teams as a tier 3 intelligence resource, Nisos provides external validation and RFI response and identifies threats through technical signature analysis of internet telemetry, detailed multi-channel investigation, and secure forum adversary channels. Another service offered by Nisos is the threat landscape assessment. The company possesses a broad and differentiated collection capability that, combined with its expert adversarial mindset, provides customers with the intelligence necessary to detect and disrupt adversaries.

The non-traditional threat intelligence approach by Nisos provides them unique visibility into the activities of a broader range of adversaries, including threat actors not traditionally tracked by threat intelligence collection methods. Providing these insights into the threat landscape allows their customers to set intelligence priorities, identify collection strategies, track mitigation activities, and reduce risk. The Adversary Insights RFI Subscription from Nisos obtains insights into and defends against threat actor behaviors, intentions, and plans with rapid-response research to client-driven Requests For Information (RFIs).

They help their clients investigate adversaries throughout the entire intelligence lifecycle. Intelligence tasking allows them to explore threats relevant to the organization through curated, multi-faceted, global, proprietary and licensed information. The Executive Shield is yet another service designed to address fraud and actual physical security risks to crucial people in an organization by tracking threat actors and identifying vulnerabilities. The 24-hour news cycle can damage an individual’s reputation and significantly impact the organizations they are tied to. But now, with the solutions from Nisos, customers get to reduce the potential impact of a crisis by proactively monitoring for unfavorable information.

With Zero Touch Diligence, customers can maximize their visibility into M&A and supply chain risks with analyst-led investigations that deliver actionable intelligence by combining automation and human intelligence. They will receive a comprehensive intelligence report that outlines and triages the risks by criticality. In addition, the Nisos team interface with security operations and threat hunting teams as a tier 3 intelligence resource, providing external validation, RFI response, and monitoring to identify threats through technical signature analysis of internet telemetry, investigation on the deep/dark web, web traffic, social media, and closed forum adversary channels. By engaging Nisos, organizations can work with precision to confirm discoveries, establish new controls, and research signs of compromise. In addition, Nisos helps identify and define the impact of third-party risks using a Zero Touch Diligence approach. Whether looking into a vendor relationship for a specific reason or want to invest in a business enterprise – Nisos can provide the strategic knowledge to the exact business requirements.

Nisos was formed to support intelligence professionals who needed unmatched actionable multi-source intelligence that disrupts adversarial operations. Nisos Team Pandion is a group of experts who can track, pursue, attribute, persist, and perform adversarial research on the customers' behalf to provide breakthrough insights that security and intelligence teams rely on. By partnering with industry leaders and ground-breaking technology companies across various spheres, Nisos aims to address the unique intelligence challenges and non-traditional business risks businesses and individuals within corporate environments face.

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