Ncontracts: An Integrated Risk and Compliance Management Solution

Michael Berman


“Ncontracts combine its deep domain knowledge with the latest technology to provide the industry’s most effective and comprehensive integrated risk management and compliance platform, backed by unmatched service and support”

It was the early 2000s and the world was facing a financial crisis. Michael Berman was serving as General Counsel in the financial-technology industry where he was charged with managing risk, compliance, and vendor management. He sat in meeting after meeting watching his peers get buried by mountains of spreadsheets. Data was disconnected, work was duplicated, and the risk wasn't being managed. This led to the founding of Ncontracts. Today, Ncontracts is one of the leading providers of integrated risk management and lending compliance solutions for the financial services industry. The company’s mission is to continually improve its clients’ ability to manage risk and compliance. As a company, Ncontracts combine its deep domain knowledge with the latest technology to provide the industry’s most effective and comprehensive integrated risk management and compliance platform, backed by unmatched service and support.

Ncontracts was founded in 2009 to provide a comprehensive integrated risk and compliance management solution. This centralized system allows organizations to collaborate to meet the goal of managing risk and compliance with one point of data entry, customized controls, and robust reporting. With efficient compliance and risk management, clients can collaborate to create a strategic advantage.

The company enables to strengthen compliance and controls with a comprehensive ERM software system. Users can also measure potential risk impacts throughout an organization in real time. Nrisk is a secure online enterprise risk management tool that provides organization with control assessment at the enterprise level, in real-time. With a clear understanding of risk with ERM platform, admins can improve exam readiness and reinforce strategic planning.

Ncontracts is a comprehensive contract management software that provides businesses with a powerful platform to streamline their contract management process. It enables organizations to automate the entire contract lifecycle from drafting and negotiation to renewal and expiration. At its core, Ncontracts is a cloud-based solution that helps organizations manage their contracts by providing a centralized repository for all contract-related information. It is designed to help companies of all sizes simplify their contract management process by providing a user-friendly interface and a suite of features that help them streamline their operations.

One of the key benefits of Ncontracts is its ability to manage the entire contract lifecycle. From the initial stages of contract creation to the final stages of contract renewal and expiration, Ncontracts ensures that every step of the process is automated and streamlined. This eliminates the need for manual processes and reduces the risk of errors and oversights. Ncontracts also provides users with the ability to create custom workflows for different types of contracts. This means that businesses can set up workflows that are specific to their organization's needs, ensuring that their contracts are managed in the most efficient way possible.

Compliance is essential to help financial institutions avoid audit findings, heavy fines, and legal action—all of which can harm the reputation and ability to do business. Designed and supported by compliance professionals with extensive industry experience, Ncontracts compliance monitoring software can be configured to meet organization's needs for comprehensive compliance management. The company also offers an innovative compliance management software built by a team of experts that delivers the most robust solution exclusively for financial institutions. Its integrated compliance automation software and services help to ensure comprehensive, continuous exam readiness for a financial institution. Ncontracts enables rapid implementation of compliance tracking software customized to FI’s needs while helping businesses always stay current with compliance requirements. It also comes with unlimited training including help desk options and a knowledge base with 100+ training videos.

What makes the solution stand out is Ncontracts’ advanced reporting capabilities. The software provides users with access to real-time reports and analytics that help them make informed decisions about their contract management process. This includes data on contract status, expiration dates, and other important metrics that can help organizations stay on top of their contract portfolio. Ncontracts also comes equipped with powerful security features that help protect sensitive contract information. This includes role-based access control, encryption, and secure storage, all of which ensure that only authorized personnel have access to contract data.

When it comes to risk and compliance management, Ncontracts is a powerful solution that offers businesses a range of features to help streamline their contract management process. Its cloud-based platform, custom workflows, advanced reporting capabilities, and security features make it an ideal solution for businesses of all sizes that want to take control of their contract management process.

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