ManaConquest Cyber: Securing the Organizations from Cyber Threats

Jeffrey J. Engle

Chair and President

“In the face of fast-evolving cyber threats, we’re not just here to protect our nation’s systems, networks, and data; we’re here to protect our way of life.”

In today’s fast-moving world, it’s hard to achieve technological compliance and safeguard a business from cyber threats. Conquest is a cyber security force that safeguards the defense industrial base and vital infrastructure sectors like healthcare, energy, banking, and manufacturing in the United States. Conquest Cyber assists businesses in achieving technological compliance and defending against cyber threats. Their cutting-edge software gives them the visibility, control, and security they need to confidently scale and grow. Conquest was created with the intent of filling major holes in the nation’s cyber security strategy. Conquest, which was founded to solve business digital transformation concerns, refocused on safe digital transformation and cyber resiliency in 2018 when Jeff Engle took over as CEO. This resulted in the deployment of their flagship product, ARMEDTM, solidifying Conquest’s position on the front lines and giving the clients a competitive advantage.

Conquest’s Managed Phishing Testing and Awareness Services combine continuous testing and user training to meet regulatory compliance requirements like PCI, HIPAA, SOX, FFIEC, and GLBA. Phishing and social engineering remain the most prevalent and easiest ways for hackers to approach businesses. Conquest also knows that the majority of security forces are underfunded and overburdened. As a result, continual user training and testing are pushed to the bottom of the priority list. Their increasingly digitalized environment, along with the growing number of endpoint devices connected to an organization’s IT infrastructure, has altered the way Conquest must approach cybersecurity. Technology is progressing at a breakneck pace. Adversaries’ resources, talents, and technologies are also limited when it comes to posing a cyber threat to the company, clients, and partners. Risk management necessitates a long-term plan, a holistic approach, and ongoing and adaptive IT security service management. While Operational transparency is key to making data-based decisions that lead to business growth. With our proprietary cyber risk management software ARMED, Conquest uses sensors to provide real-time visibility into security controls, events, and levels of services, enabling our team to identify remediation strategies for any gaps found.

Conquest is familiar with the risks that businesses encounter in a variety of sectors. Their knowledge allows them to create end-to-end risk management plans that can adapt to new threats and emerging technologies over time and scale up with the company’s development. Conquest Cyber strives to keep the company safe and prepared for every risk or vulnerability it may encounter. Conquest Cyber’s cybersecurity professionals and colleagues are well-versed in the sensitive nature and special security standards that apply to government, federal, and defense services, articles, and data. With IT security solutions and services that meet industry standards, regulatory requirements, and best practices, Conquest assists industries in the military-industrial base to stay compliant, function safely, and establish a solid cyber-resiliency. It also helps to leverage cloud technology without compromising data privacy and CMMC or DFARS compliance. Conquest specializes in navigating regulations for sensitive technical data, services, and articles and is uniquely suited to support your transition.

One of Conquest Cyber’s clients is a significant healthcare provider with approximately 300 medical offices, 800 clinics, and 300,000 patients. Recently, the primary objective of the healthcare provider was to achieve and maintain HIPAA compliance. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) was enacted to combat healthcare fraud and safeguard electronic records and health data. HIPAA compliance assures that the proper safeguards have been put in place to preserve this sensitive data, as well as gives patients control over who their records are shared with. HIPAA violations can lead to security breaches, putting the firm and its patients in danger. Conquest Cyber was able to assist in boosting the client’s security posture and achieving HIPAA compliance by teaming with Microsoft and employing the Cloud in conjunction with our SCyOps Health platform.

Conquest Cyber’s digital transformation is the antidote to digital disruption. Digital transformation is being embraced by modern technology leaders to deliver company value, efficiency, modernization, and a new work experience for a new generation. While satisfying industry requirements for data security, privacy, and regulatory compliance, digital transformation and cloud technologies may unlock the company’s potential. “In the face of fast-evolving cyber threats, we’re not just here to protect our nation’s systems, networks, and data; we’re here to protect our way of life”, says Jeffrey J. Engle, Chair and President of Conquest Cyber.

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