IRONSCALES: Fights Against Phishing

Eyal Benishti

Founder and CEO

“As phishing attempts continue to become more sophisticated, it’s critical for organizations to adopt an agile defense system. We believe IRONSCALES provides a comprehensive, self-learning solution that continuously evolves to effectively protect digital environments.”

Criminals conduct billions of fresh phishing assaults every day. No business is safe. Legacy systems are unable to keep up, and cloud providers are unable to prevent modern assaults using native controls. In today’s cloud-first environment, IRONSCALES’ exceptionally easy email security solution helps to strike back quickly and keep the organization secure. They offer security professionals an AI-driven, self-learning email security platform that provides a comprehensive solution to proactively fight phishing attacks. IRONSCALES were founded by alumni of the Israeli Defense Forces’ elite Intelligence Technology unit and incubated inside the world’s top cybersecurity venture program. To defend against today’s sophisticated attacks, a new approach to email security is required. IRONSCALES’ best-in-class email security technology is developed to detect and eliminate risks in the inbox and is driven by AI and refined by hundreds of client security teams.

Before and after email delivery, the IRONSCALES cloud-native, API-based email security platform is constantly learning, identifying, and remediating advanced threats at the mailbox level. Instead of becoming bogged down with complex solutions – or worse, falling victim to a phishing assault – a complete email security solution focusing on the most critical tasks. Every day, over 350,000 new malware types are discovered, and phishing and credential harvesting assaults are becoming more sophisticated and devious than ever. IRONSCALES’ best-in-class email security platform is powered by AI, enhanced by thousands of customer security teams and is built to detect and remove threats in the inbox. We offer a service that is fast to deploy, easy to operate and is unparalleled in the ability to stop all types of email threats, including advanced attacks like BEC, ATO and more.

Traditional malware detection techniques have a hard time keeping up with new email threats. IRONSCALES defends against assaults using a multi-layered strategy that examines content and communication patterns to create internal and external relationship profiles. In real-time, any known malware threats, suspicious URLs, or attachments may be recognized and eliminated. To identify harmful attacks, traditional malware technology depends on recognized signatures. Signature-based older solutions are unable to detect all conceivable attacks due to polymorphic variations. Sandboxing and multi-AV engines are included in IRONSCALES mailbox-level security, as well as exclusive real-time threat information available only to IRONSCALES subscribers. IRONSCALES provides out-of-the-box multi-AV and sandbox integration, which may be used to supplement or replace existing malware protection. Integrated with over 60 malware protection engines to give a single dashboard that monitors URLs and attachments in real-time for detection, analysis, and repair.

Recently, Ayrshire Institution needed an effective and efficient phishing solution to roll out to their huge employee base that would keep the college safe while being simple to use and administer. The team had also been seeking for a long time to perform phishing simulations, and after evaluating many different phishing simulation services, they realized they required a continuous-running solution that could provide their employees with a well-rounded education on cyber dangers. IRONSCALES was put up for a two-month proof of concept (POC), during which the Ayrshire College team was taken aback by the number of hostile emails detected. Ayrshire College increased its cyber maturity by deploying IRONSCALES, noting a substantial rise in staff self-reporting, thereby saving a significant amount of time tracking down and removing phishing attempts. The institution is also creating a culture of continuous learning in its student body by promising to aggressively train employees on phishing.

Ransomware assaults change their tactics all the time to get past the defenses. Attackers may even postpone the execution of weaponized links or stay idle in the network, waiting. The only genuine road to protection is to keep an eye on inboxes all of the time. To predict and prevent future assaults, IRONSCALES combines behavioral analysis with continual, automated inspections of links and attachments. IRONSCALES reduces SOC fatigue by remediating attacks in bulk and easily interfaces with several SIEM and SOAR platforms. IRONSCALES is the world’s first automated email phishing solution, detecting, investigating, orchestrating, and responding to suspicious emails in under a minute. They also allow the security personnel to discover and address phishing email risks while on the road, owing to a powerful mobile app for iOS and Android. “As phishing attempts continue to become more sophisticated, it’s critical for organizations to adopt an agile defense system. We believe IRONSCALES provides a comprehensive, self-learning solution that continuously evolves to effectively protect digital environments,” explains Eyal Benishti, Founder and CEO of IRONSCALES. IRONSCALES is striving for a risk-free future.

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