Intruder: Effortless Cyber Security

Chris Wallis


"We have emerging threat scans that scan for the latest vulnerabilities as they occur." We also have noise reduction features and prioritization features that help them focus on the ones that are most important to them not being hacked.”

Hackers are constantly looking for security flaws to exploit to compromise sensitive data, steal personal information for financial gain, or cause chaos and disruption for organizations all over the world. They employ a variety of tools and vulnerability scanners to automate their operations and locate new targets to do this. External vulnerability scanning is therefore a crucial step in defending the company by identifying the security flaws before hackers do. Every day, on average, 20 new vulnerabilities are found, many of which are in products that are intended to be installed on perimeter systems (those which are exposed to the internet). By conducting vulnerability scans that identify security gaps in the most vulnerable systems, an organization may neutralize threats to a company by using an external vulnerability scanner. Intruder is a platform for proactive security monitoring for systems with internet access.

Cyber dangers are always evolving and need specialized monitoring. Existing services are insufficient, too difficult to set up and manage, and the language used frequently has to be interpreted by an expert. A straightforward cloud-based security tool, Intruder, offers continuous scanning of digital assets, identifying flaws and providing straightforward remedy suggestions. An external network vulnerability scanner evaluates the systems for vulnerabilities such as remote code execution flaws, web-layer security issues (such as SQL injection and cross-site scripting), and other security configuration issues (such as weak encryption configurations and systems that are unnecessarily exposed). The external vulnerability scanner of the intruder performs proactive assessments for new threats. This indicates that when a new vulnerability is found in software installed on the perimeter, the intruder automatically scans the systems and notifies the vulnerability. Businesses without established procedures for tracking down the most recent threats and manually conducting scans for them must take this type of proactive action.

Internal vulnerability screening is one area where being inexpensive does not imply proper security. Use the best scanner an organization can get because new vulnerabilities are found every day and cutting corners now might end up costing more later. Worldwide banks and governments employ an industry-leading scanning engine that is used by Intruder, with more than 67,000 local tests for historical vulnerabilities already in place and more being added all the time. An organization may be sure that Intruder offers the best internal security scans on the market whilst being highly user-friendly. Tracking the assets, both those that are in use and those that aren't is one of the largest challenges in vulnerability management. If a firm doesn't know it's there, they can't safeguard it! As it's now so simple to spin up new VMs and containers on AWS, Google Cloud, or Azure, cloud platforms may make this problem even worse. As a result, it might be difficult to keep track of any new systems that are exposed to the internet and make sure they are monitored for vulnerabilities. Chris Wallis, the CEO of Intruder, explains, "We identify weaknesses for companies before they get hacked, essentially." That’s the ethos behind what we do, and we have many features that help companies focus on the most important things and not get bogged down in the things that don’t matter so much.

Intruder's mission from day one has been to help divide the needles from the haystack, focusing on what matters, while ignoring the rest. Effective cyber security is about getting the basics right. Intruder helps you do that, saving time on the easy stuff, so you can focus on the rest. Since its inception in 2015, Intruder has been awarded multiple accolades, was selected for GCHQ's Cyber Accelerator, and is now proud to have over a thousand happy customers all over the world.

Web application vulnerabilities are among the most common attack vectors because of the intricacy of software development. By integrating Intruder into their existing environments and continually identifying vulnerabilities as they are introduced, Intruder aids developers in creating safe solutions. Wallis concludes, "We have emerging threat scans that scan for the latest vulnerabilities as they occur." We also have noise reduction features and prioritization features that help them focus on the ones that are most important to them not being hacked. " From the beginning, Intruder's goal has been to separate the important things from the rest and help separate the needles from the haystack. Getting the fundamentals right is the key to effective cyber security. By saving an organization’s time on simple tasks, Intruder enables it to concentrate on the more difficult tasks.

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