Hitachi Systems TCM: Focusing on Protection and Prevention

Anthony Subero


“We define how an organization should operate and govern its cybersecurity program in alignment with its business strategy and objectives in accordance with applicable industry frameworks. We provide added services: CISOaaS, SOaaSIRMaaS”

As the mode of businesses around the globe are changing, it is required to manage customer data securely. On average, a hacker attacks every 39 seconds, so about 2244 times a day. Businesses face increasing risks every day from the non-shared customer data they have stored, but also from developer errors. In addition to jeopardizing data and disrupting day-to-day operations, data leaks and cyber threats have a significant financial impact and damage the company's reputation. This is whereHitachi Systems TCM, a cutting-edge cybersecurity solution provider, is creating a difference. “We focus on protection and prevention instead of detection and response. Our HISYS-SEC MSS/MDR Services Powered by Ark Angel enables to consolidate various technologies and services with seamless integration capabilities,” says Anthony Subero, CEO, Hitachi Systems Security.

At Hitachi Systems Security cyber threat intelligence experts are consistently trying to identify new strains of malware, track its evolution and for the benefit of its clients, and attempt to anticipate attack vectors as well. HISYS-SEC’s cybersecurity experts provide guidance to its customers and partners on prevention and protection to respond to threats, managing events and incidents and handling ransom demands. Ongoing customer feedback help enhance HISYS-SEC’s approach, service and offering. Hitachi works closely and builds a long-lasting partnership with every customer to provide the right solution that meets current and ongoing business needs with a risk based external opportunities and threat analysis. “Our ArkAngel platform already integrates with many data sources and as customers requires, the flexibility of the ArkAngel platform can interface and aggregate data from any source or SIEM solution. With this flexibility, you, the customer, gets a solution that delivers on what is needed, which make sense for you to achieve defined business objectives,” adds Subero.

HISYS-SEC’s experts provide custom services and solutions to outsourced IT support providers and company’s IT department on the complexity of management of the risks associated with cybersecurity. As a cybersecurity company, Hitachi provides security solutions for Ransomware attacks, crypto attack and a blockchain attack, IoT Security, Cloud Security while also identifying vulnerabilities in software developments. “Our highly skilled team are capable to define how an organization should operate and govern its cybersecurity programswhile aligning with its business strategies and objectives in accordance with applicable industry frameworks.,” explains Subero.

Hitachi Systems focus exclusively on providing cyber-security, data privacy and related advisory services. With over 20 years of experience and focus on cybersecurity, the company understands the threat landscape developments,its mature processes and industry expertise, thatbenefit clients in their fight against malicious cybercrime activity.Our cybersecurity analytics and privacy experts provide a 360-degree view of your overall security posture, the all-important. Moreover, we have accumulated security intelligence from 50 plus countries through our strategic globally distributed SOC’s and consultancy services.We help you focus your security initiatives on high-impact strategies that will deliver measurable and cost-effective results, providing immediate value back to your business,” extols Subero.

While explaining the value proposition of Hitachi Systems, Subeor recalls an instance when the team assisted a healthcare facility that adopted modern patient care methods using digital technology. IoT devices and Digital Transformation are key drivers to improve patient care, for example by digital consultation. However, this increased the threat of data breaches to sensitive health and personal data and any breach of trust will lead to large reputational and financial consequences as well as impacting the privacy of individuals. Hitachi Systems provided advanced Penetration Testing, regular vulnerability report, while identifying weaknesses that can be exploited in the IT systems which also included mitigation recommendations. The company also initiated an Operational Framework Review to test and validate security policies to ensure the compliance to industry requirements. As a result, the healthcare facility could reduce exposure and vulnerabilities by applying countermeasures and corrective actions on legacy systems, securing the IT environment which incorporated digital solutions.

Effective October 1, Cumulus Systems will change its corporate name to Hitachi Systems Trusted Cyber Management Inc. and will take Hitachi Systems Security as its subsidiary. Furthermore, Hitachi Systems TCM will acquire Hitachi Systems Security USA, Inc. through an absorption-type merger. As a result, Hitachi Systems TCM will take Hitachi Systems Security, a security service company in Canada, and Cumulus Systems Private Ltd., a development company in India, as its subsidiaries, promoting a managed security service business strategy that utilizes the experience and technology of both companies. “By doing so, we will create new security services that can increase the value for customers and expand our global business footprint into Latam, the Caribbean, West Africa, North America and Europe. Furthermore, Hitachi Systems TCM will improve its SOC (Security Operations Center) in India as well as its ability to provide security professional services to aim to establish its status as a top global security vendor,” concludes Subero.

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