Hillstone Network: Tackle the Cyberthreats of the Future

DongPing Luo

CEO and Co-Founder

“For complete Cloud Protection, Hillstone offers a progressive micro-segmentation solution that is equally at-home in VMware and OpenStack environments, enabling comprehensive coverage of cloud workloads.”

As technology evolves ubiquitously through human minds, the need to prevent malicious attacks on precious data is growing every second. The threat landscape is continuously expanding. Cybercriminals are as entrepreneurial as ever and use increasingly sophisticated tools and technologies. Cybersecurity is not a different technology but rather a foundational set of systems spanning technology, people, and processes for the Fourth Industrial Revolution. At the onset of such paradigm shifts, Hillstone Network has taken the necessary action and has developed network security for the future. Hillstone Networks’ proven Infrastructure Protection solutions offer service providers and businesses the clarity and intellect to broadly see, thoroughly grasp, and swiftly act against multilayer, multistage cyberthreats. Positively rated by leading analysts and trusted by global companies, Hillstone safeguards from the edge to the Cloud with improved total-cost-of-ownership.

Today, the greatest challenge is strengthening the network and quickly mitigating any damage from a breach regarding network security. Hillstone’s holistic products include NGFW, breach detection, SD-WAN, and VM and cloud security. The advanced solutions leverage AI/ML and integrate seamlessly into SecOps frameworks, assuring CISOs that their enterprises are well-protected. Hillstone’s product suite includes Edge Protection, Cloud Protection, Server Protection, Application Protection, and Security Management. The Edge protection solutions provide state-of-the-art protection against multistage, multilayer cyber-attacks and help mitigate infrastructure breaches that expose the sensitive user and corporate data and the threat to operations from ransomware.Hillstone is dedicated to providing proven Infrastructure Protection solutions enabling enterprises and service providers with the visibility and intelligence to comprehensively see, thoroughly understand, and rapidly act against multilayer, multistage cyberthreats.

For complete Cloud Protection, Hillstone offers a progressive micro-segmentation solution that is equally at-home in VMware and OpenStack environments, enabling comprehensive coverage of cloud workloads. The Server Breach Detection System detects and helps mitigate advanced multistage, multilayer threats that target critical servers and hosts. Application Protection products include an advanced application delivery controller that allows performance enhancement of applications while protecting them. Hillstone’s security management solution provides end-to-end coverage for an enterprise, from branch to cloud. This integrated security architecture works closely with the Security Management Suite, which offers management, centralized analytics, and automation to help enhance global visibility and minimize operational expenses.

Recently, Hillstone Network opened the Technical Assistance Center Americas (TAC) in Mexico to better serve their growing LATAM customers. The center is designed to provide 24/7/365 support. This center is in addition to the three existing centers in North America, APAC, and the EU. “This year has been especially favorable for the growth of our business in the LATAM region. From projects that we are working hand-in-hand with clients and prospects, all things point to an optimistic 2022. This is why we are paying special attention to the region. As for the language, the Hispanic cultural proximity was one of the factors that made us decide to get much closer to our customers through the TAC LATAM and provide the necessary technical support to efficiently and effectively serve our customers.”

Hillstone Network was founded in 2006 by security industry veterans and has received favorable reviews of its cutting-edge security products that provide comprehensive risk mitigation and infrastructure protection across multiple enterprise locations. Their mantra is “Security that Works!” derived from customers frustrated with hyperbolic competitor claims who then experienced Hillstone’s family of security and risk management solutions. Hillstone now provides security solutions to over 20,000 enterprise customers worldwide, including Fortune 500 enterprises, service providers, financial, government, and educational institutions. Hillstone has been recognized by Gartner for seven years in a row in its Magic Quadrant for Network Firewalls and is included as a representative vendor in Market Guide for Network Detection and Response, Market Guide for Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems, and Gartner Market Guide for Cloud Workload Protection Platforms.

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