HID Global: Powering Trusted Identities of People, Places, and Things.

HID Global

Björn Lidefelt
President & CEO

"HID Global is dedicated to assisting individuals in using a verified, trusted identity to make it safer for them to get where they need to go and accomplish what they want in daily life."

Transacting in digital and physical areas safely and securely has become a difficult task. The trusted identities of the world’s people, places, and objects are powered by HID. People can transact safely, work effectively, and move owing to HID Global freely. Millions of users in over 100 countries rely on HID’s products and services to get safe access to physical and digital locations every day. HID’s technology connects over 2 billion devices that need to be recognized, validated, and tracked. They assist governments, colleges, hospitals, financial institutions, and some of the world’s most innovative firms in establishing trustworthy physical and digital environments so that they, and the people who use them, may achieve their full potential.

HID Global is dedicated to assisting individuals in using a verified, trusted identity to make it safer for them to get where they need to go and accomplish what they want in daily life. HID devices are used to unlock doors, get access to digital networks, personalize badges, authenticate transactions, locate information, track assets, and communicate with others, guaranteeing that their identities are accepted smoothly, everywhere, at any time.

Through an integrated paradigm of revolutionary hardware, software, and services, HID is pioneering new, people-centric techniques to enable the trusted identities necessary to navigate the physical and cyber worlds confidently. HID safeguard locations of all types at HID Global to make life easier for their tenants and visitors. In an increasingly unsafe and dynamic environment, access to secure physical and digital locations is a necessary guarantee they give. HID Global also improves areas by adding features that increase efficiency and productivity. They give individuals greater control over managing, assessing, and optimizing their trust in space and its occupants, allowing them more freedom to roam, engage, and feel safe.

HID Global link things and make it simple to identify, authenticate, and monitor them at HID Global, which is becoming increasingly vital in this era of the Internet of Things (IoT). People utilize things all day, but devices or machines are increasingly talking with one another without human intervention. HID’s cutting-edge technologies, including RFID and active low-energy Bluetooth, identify and assure that things—and the people and applications that rely on them—are linked and communicating.

HID Global, a global pioneer in trusted identity solutions, said today that it had acquired Crossmatch from Francisco Partners, a leader in biometric identity management and secure authentication systems. HID Global is one of the world’s largest producers of fingerprint biometric technology, thanks to Crossmatch’s biometric identity management hardware and software, which complements HID’s extensive portfolio of trusted identity products and services. “Our acquisition of Crossmatch strengthens HID Global’s ability to offer innovative biometric identity solutions to hundreds of millions of users worldwide. Adding Crossmatch to our company will extend HID’s market leadership in the trusted identity space and allow us to fulfill the promise of biometrics in critical identity applications.”

HID Global is looking into new ways to add digital capabilities to a seemingly endless list of items—from assembly line objects and production robots to clothes, fire extinguishers, industrial laundry equipment, posters, and even life-jackets—while also delivering trust and peace of mind to the companies who rely on HID.

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