Foresite: Manage your Cyber Security with Ease


Matt Gyde

“ProVision analyzes over 140 billion log files on a quarterly basis, and then has the built-in intelligence and machine learning to make informed decisions”

Cybercriminals are attacking the computer networks and systems of individuals, businesses, and even global organizations at a time when cyber defenses may be lowered due to shifting priorities, driven by the pandemic and critical digital transformation initiatives. To tackle these growing cyber threats, organizations not only need the right solution provider but an expert team that can understand their exact security requirements. This is where Foresite—a global provider of managed security, cyber consulting, and compliance solutions—stands out from the crowd.  The company is focused on delivering comprehensive solutions through its ProVision platform to protect clients’ from increasingly persistent cyber-threats.

Foresite was founded in 2013 and has both maturity and a highly modern outlook in terms of how security operations are performed. Foresite’s consulting teams help their clients understand what security is about, enabling a business rather than inhibiting the business. “We engage our clients in a lifecycle manner. The initial process is to align the client to security governance and compliance frameworks,” begins Matt Gyde, CEO, Foresite. The team works with the client to understand the business outcomes they are driving towards, performs are view that sets a baseline and builds a roadmap to ensure that cybersecurity supports those business outcomes. Moreover, Foresite’s team constantly tests the client environment, the applications, and the workloads, to ensure the right security level and compliance is maintained within the security framework. “This kind of approach enables our client with achievable goals to improve their security posture and helps them stay aligned with the most updated security architecture,” he adds.

The backbone of Foresite’s unique offerings is their innovative solution, ProVision, a cloud-native software platform that provides unprecedented visibility of client logs and security events, providing incomparable views into the client’s security position. Moreover, ProVision allows organizations to anticipate the demands of tomorrow and make business decisions that will enable them to seize opportunities. This blended approach allows Foresite to enable customers to easily align, maintain, and accept new actions as it pertains to the threats facing a given vertical or industry. “ProVision analyzes over 140 billion log files on a quarterly basis, and then has the built-in intelligence and machine learning to make informed decisions,” extols Gyde.

Over the years, the Foresite team has found the sweet spot in the industry, providing a blend of people, process, and technology to address a wide range of Cybersecurity concerns and issues. As a result, businesses can build trust with a partner that will expand and grow with them as they move forward. Mid-enterprise organization are being heavily attacked with ransomware right now. Historically, businesses of this size were not correctly aligned to GRC processes or any cybersecurity framework. Foresite can build the required alignment for the client and then leverage ProVision’sAI logic to monitor and respond to malicious activity.

In assisting clients, Foresite essentially provides three methodologies for clients to be more secure. The first component is ensuring that the right frameworks and compliance requirements are in place to achieve security goals. The next phase is understanding the client’s environment. This includes the internal processes, and security policies. Finally, the team leverages ProVision for continual monitoring of the environment. “Once we’re deployed, we always keep monitoring what’s going on with the client’s environment Moreover, as clients are bringing new environment components, our continuous testing allows us to carefully analyze these changes to secure them in the best possible manner,” adds Gyde.

Foresite not only stands out with ProVision capabilities but also the intellectual property that the team has built around the ProVision architecture. Moving in a cloud centric direction for environment monitoring and using a multi-tenant, containerized platform, Foresite sets itself apart from the traditional monitoring space. Today, the company operates in over 11 verticals and has the unique ability to identify trends when it comes to threat actors and malicious activity. The team is also working to make more of their services predictive and proactive, versus the traditional reactive nature of Security. “We partner with industry specialists as well to augment what we’ve already got to ensure there’s nothing that we’re missing,” says Gyde.

Since opening its doors, Foresite has been a pioneer in delivering cutting-edge threat management solutions and services. Today the company has evolved to be a product-led organization. The company’s platform has been designed to have a friendly, easy to learn user interface that allows a customer to self-educate in order to get maximum value. In addition, Foresite also provides blogs, white papers, and other elements to help companies understand how ProVision works and how it makes decisions. Foresite’s future vision also centers around ProVision, to build further features and functions to make the platform more seamless and more powerful. “Our mission is to enable clients to identify their security posture and compliance level at the click of a button. We also envision becoming a security exchange platform that’s underpinned by our security operations,” concludes Gyde.

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